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The Tom leykis show by using our Amazon dot com. Links to do your everyday shopping. You know, you'll be shopping Amazon anyway for the low prices, whether you're at home or at work, why not pay the same low, Amazon prices and support your favourite show at the same time, you know, Amazon offers super low prices on books, clothing appliances music, just about anything, you can imagine. And we get credit every time you click on our Amazon. Six look the Amazon better at our website blow me up Tom dot com or click on the shopping cart icon to shop Amazon on our brand new Todd leykis show app. Mike is show. Money Monday at nine zero one three thousand Tom. Phone call. Five minutes or five hours. You're going to be the judge how long this particular Honey, Monday, I know one three thousand Tom. I don't one three thousand eight six six tomorrow. We have a major announcement at three PM Pacific time, and it's going to be right on time. So my recommendation that you be sitting bolt upright with your ear buds on at three PM Pacific time tomorrow that six PM eastern time. A major announcement. And that is common when our Tuesday show three PM Pacific time, six PM eastern time. I don't say I didn't tell you. I didn't do that. I announced it, and you weren't paying attention. Major announcement three PM Pacific.

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