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I hate you. Yeah, something like that. I'm moving on Raw opens with MVP in the ring. He introduces the WWE Champion Bobby Lashley, and he comes out with five butterface toes again. Basically putting it down. Like, where are they getting a women? Butter? Tastes burnt? Where are they filming Tampa. Is this the best Tampa has to offer? Yeah. Maybe these were worse than last week. Yeah. Oh, it off. Looks like it looks like last week just punched in. All them in the face, ten times each. All right. Get out there. Hose. They're like, they're like, I want you to go to the shittiest strip club, you can find a Tampa right in higher wage which has seriously like they're making the Godfathers hoes look like, oh my God. Leah was one of them. Sure. Yeah. Super hot. So everybody starts talking shit about Drew McIntyre and how they're tired of them and then Drew McIntyre comes out hopes. Imagine that his name. I'm tired of them. I'm sure everyone's tired of them. Oh, Vince doesn't realize that he's with McIntyre so bad that everyone's tired of him. We went from it's the same as Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins beat Brock Lesnar Wrestlemania that beat him again. At SummerSlam, we're like, oh, except Rollins, you're the guy, and then they booked them to her about injured, horribly with the fiends. And now we hate Seth Rollins and it's the same for Drew McIntyre now, he's a little beam. Little bitch McIntyre wants another rematch. Please God. Yes, top month. Yeah, he says, maybe Lashley doesn't have the balls. Let me double-check ladies just all the almighty Jenny balls and they're like, yes, they're huge please. Yes, they don't even fit them in my mouth, tastes better than you would think and dreams hooked up to an eggplant in other ones like whoa, that big, huh? So then the new date comes out and Kofi. Kingston reminds us that he beat Lashley last week. Oh, true Tales Kofi. You're welcome. But Kofi says, I didn't need your help. You did, you've had rematch after rematch. After rematch, had three map time to step your ass to the side because I did something. You haven't been able to do in months and that's Beat Bobby Lashley, that's fair. Yeah. And then Adam Pearce comes out and says, this is easy Kofi versus through and easy winner. Faces Lashley and Hell in a Cell. All right by he comes out to his music. You have the Raw theme? Yeah. Yeah. His music. I was like, why are they playing the wrong? Cuz they played it for, like 10 seconds without showing beers. It's like, why do they just hit the Raw theme music? Oh, okay, it's Adam. So I guess he's official needs a GM now. Yeah, I guess cuz yeah. Sonia was on Smackdown. He was on raw and yeah. And he was trying to the wrong music, they're trying to sneak it in yeah. Like without even explaining. Yeah, right. So we got Kofi Kingston vs Drew McIntyre with Xavier Woods ringside and lastly MVP and the hose watching from the stage and the VIP lounge. Other Lashley nvp moved to the announce table after a commercial break and KO v as in to Drew outside the ring, and that knocks Drew into lastly. And then lastly an MVP attack both of them for a double DQ baggage claim or slash Li and he an MVP Retreat. And then later backstage appears tells Dru and Kofi that they will have a rematch next week to decide who will face Lashley at Helen's cell. It's a 3-hour job. She'll like and we're 20 minutes in, you know, just be like every matches in two hours, right? It's the main event. Yeah, right. Oh sorry. Know where Main Events booked already. It's a huge Main Event. Yeah. Next weekend, you know we can't double-booked it, right? Like that's that's the only way they have to progress the story. Yeah. Is that we gotta postpone this match a week? Yeah. They're they're committing themselves. He just like this will do this again next week. Yeah. Can I can I you can't answer. Right. So like if I didn't like it this week what what makes you think? I'm going to like it next week. Yeah, I mean you know, I don't know if we've seen Kofi Andrew fight. Certainly at least a know very long time if they had but it was a good match. Yeah. Then you double DQ it. And then it's like okay well here it is again next week and it was a penalty for them. The her business. Interfering. Yeah. Pierce tells them that if either of them interfere then lastly will be suspended without pay for 90 days. Gets to keep his title though. Yeah yep. I was like wait so he stripped of the title, right? 90 days three pay-per-views. Right? That's summer. Is missing SummerSlam. What is he going on? Am Lesnar tour. Yeah. What is this song? This Summer Slam but keep the title. All right, I guess, the WWE Championship won't be defended at SummerSlam San Andreas everyone. Yeah, I doctors like, you know, yes sir. All right back. Okay, that sounds great but I'm still a champ whatever I'll take a vacation right? So yeah. Next up, we have a backstage promo from Braun strowman. This was to hide WWE. Going back on tour package coming home. The next stop is Texas. Under conductor of Destruction, the monster alone. All right, that's enough my life and the doctor of Destruction. All Aboard on your conductor, come on, destruction, come off. Oh boy. Next up, we have it had a bunch of other wrestlers do the same thing, but that was the worst one by far is next up we have rear Ripley versus Nikki cross and a 2-minute, Beat, the Clock Challenge and get this. This happened cuz they were backstage and Charlotte and Ripley were talking trash to each other. Then Nikki walked up. She was like, Hey, I want to fight one of you and Charlotte challenged Ripley for I don't know. You have a stupid and so I could be there in two minutes. Just like all fighter. Yeah. And then they didn't, they didn't they left it? Then all of a sudden they come back, it was a 2-minute clock. You're like, wait. What are we challenging right? What's happens, if she does have beat her in two minutes, nothing? Yeah, I love to meet ask on that time or something. No, it's Nicki can last the two minutes. Then she wins the match win, right? The title? Yeah, no, no. And I was like, okay, I was actually, I was afraid. I'm like, oh my God, they're going to squash Nikki and under two minutes. No, not really. But for some reason song. And no Ripley underestimates her and that'll that allows Nikki to get a few clothes pins and she lasted two minutes and they announced Nikki crosses the winter and she runs around the ring and excitement. Yeah, she gets nothing for it now. Yeah, no, no. I don't shy. No future title opportunity, she was just like, yeah, Monty. Yeah. And then ran away right after the match, Charlotte Flair comes out and laughs at Ripley and off the laughs at Ripley because she couldn't be Nikki cross and under two minutes. Yeah. What an insult to Nicky? Poor Nicky. Speaking of Charlotte, she has a match against new opponent that she hasn't wrestled in a while, Oscar. Oh, okay, Myra is always keeping tabs. Yeah, you mean an opponent. She wrestles literally, every week. Every week, bucking week. So anyway, Charlotte did a couple of her fiance andrade's moves in this match. She did and she did them not good and she did them terribly long. She did the back elbow which looked awkward and then the double moonsault which also looked awkward, it just like a product as those two moves so fucking smooth and perfectly right that when you see someone else do age and there it's not as good. You just like know and you should have waited Charlotte. They were training in a ring. She's like oh I'll do your mode. She doesn't it? Yeah. She's like what do you think? He's like Great. He's like make love to me and read his watching at home jerking off and he's like, oh no I can I can't do this, I can't finish cuz she won't do the fucking move, right? So yeah in the end Oscar goes for the Oscar lock but Charlotte counters with a rollup.

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