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Well i'll tell you what this is typical of mimi and i we there are so many people i know that are listening today that have totally different wants needs desires and what you want to experience on a vacation or what you wanna do i like to be active i i'm hearing all of this about horseback riding and zipline not thinking i wanna do that maybe he's probably thinking i wonder if i could get another appointment at the spa another treatment so there truly is something for everybody and i just i i wanna thank you for being on today i know that this is saturday a very busy day for you as it is for lorraine and key here we don't keeps your milberg for long long time i i just want to have everybody that's listening now and we're open to three o'clock today if dominican republic and the dominican republic is an area you need to think about it then all inclusive vacation is right for you as is this special area of punta cana dominican republican we fly right in to the airport here at punta cana i think it took twenty five minutes to get to this beautiful resort and and then about twelve minutes meaning i are gonna go experiences beautiful property and crane next time we come down we'll do some of these tours this time we've got everything set up with learning about the property here all the things to do sightsee and other properties so we best know what's best for our clients and the next time i want experienced that private island i think that just sounds and the zip line athletically we have everything for everyone so i think that there's so much to see that's an it's when you come back i think there's there's other excursions that.

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