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Okay. This question is worth three points who has appeared. The MO on the most covers of Sports Illustrated. I heard Tim. I Michael Jordan. No. That is correct. Always a really. Yeah. It was it was Mohammed Ali for many many years. Jordan must pass them like recently. Fifty covers. Okay. What category was that? Let's get physical scattered smothered and covered. Oh my goodness. Okay. Come those the wire, no follow up question? If Tim got it. Because they're points. Okay. Category. Dustin diamonds are no girl's best friend. So we'll write these or these from win Ben Stein's money. I think he wrote. Share because Tim watched every episode. Yeah. I met met Stewart capable of these punch himself. Then I know we've been teasing him for the point differentials and a couple of questions, but that is very impressive. And I take it back that he did a good job. Yeah. These are great. He's also it's I place in he's on first place. But he's near first place in the legalese. Oh. Let's choose like father like poison K. This is worth two points, which venomous animal is named after a city where it once thrived Toronto or Toronto Italy Rupp. Yes. Rob through Angela. Yes. That's correct. It is an animal also everything. Nice. I just said the met Stewart I immediately take back. But is that meat could be I guess they outline how many points was that too. That was it should have been that should have been a half at most. So Roba's fifteen dollars a kiva has sixteen very close. Very close match. Okay. Okay. Should we just collude and split you want to do fifty fifty? Okay. Give Giner wives lunch. Hey, sticks of the game. Okay. By the way, the wit the winner this round goes on to compete in the final round specifically against me. So. And if we were colluding who do you think has a better chance of beating Tim the thing is probably, you know, I think that you do why the ones I don't have any. I do not have the issue of being late to the buzzer. In the in the final round breida's out of the room. We answer separately who's answering a rob Ross turn into the Duston diamonds are no girl's best friend. Okay. This is worth two points. What is the bayside high school mascot? Yes. Rob the Tigers. That is correct nut is worth two points. So categories. The two categories that we've added are is it for twenty because I'm high af right now and parent teacher meet EMMY AT eating so rob which category. Would you like to is it four twenty because I'm high af right now, they're all okay. This is the three points, which continent is home to the highest mountain outside of Asia. Akiva, akiva. What is Africa? That is incorrect, Tim. Yes. Tim europe. That is incorrect. Oh, shoot. Rob janas? I'm going to say we knew what it wasn't mealy. Okay. I'm to say. South america. That is correct. Yeah. Reports Robbins has gone up to twenty and Akiva now has three dunce caps. The green ninja of podcasting was the category to the board. Rob. What would you like say green ninja of podcasting, right? This is worth five points. What colorful band wrote the opening song for the weekly podcast Conan O'Brien needs, a friend. Sure. Is a time out. Point. Yeah. Rob green day. That is incorrect that would have been like a big deal. If you get green day, no. I just don't know. Yellowcard, Akiva yellowcard. That is incorrect. Tim, do you have a guess? Yeah. Purple people here. I can't think any bands with color names right now. It was the white stripes. We got the white stripes throws podcast the song. We got we got KFC that's better. And from that at brushes, the white striped, white, stripes, aren't even. A pant anymore..

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