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Blue Cross Blue shield association is an association of independent locally operated. Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies bathroom, but it's going to be installed for a fraction of the price of traditional remodeling project. I might add now this isn't some cheap overlay system. You're getting quality Ohio Amish made vanities colour fixtures and all new floors. But before you hire anyone to remodel your bathroom. May I suggest you do yourself a favor, you do your own homework. And you also sit down with one of the design consultants from JSP, I think you're going to be really impressed JSP at six one four nine nine six sixty six seventy eight or. Find out more online at JSP Home Solutions dot com. Hi, I'm RIC Edelman, and I have a feeling that retirement is on your mind. You're wondering if you've saved enough or whether your money is in the right places, you're wondering when will you be able to retire or will you be able to stay retired, and is your money sufficient, so you can live in comfort and financial security for the rest of your life. You're wondering all this. But you really don't have to just wonder you can resolve all these questions in your effort to enjoy a retirement. That's everything you want it to be and we can help. At Financial Engines, our clients are predominantly concerned about retirement, your financial security financial security for your spouse for your aging parents for your children, and we can help you just like we've helped thousands of folks just like you for more than thirty years. So call us at element Financial Engines at triple eight plan RIC that's triple eight plan RIC or visit us at RIC Edelman dot com. That's rice, Delman dot com. Tom don't wonder about your retirement because we're here to help you thinking about replacing your roof. Call Feazel for the past thirty years Feazel offers holders, the best quality service and price in the industries..

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