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You end up to implant pages, right? So this plenty times on this new record, call the comment as set our an in there with. I had one song which Spiro say because we've been playing it live and gunned down well. So I was like, okay, that's going on the record, you know, because I don't need to be signed his two good side for not Blunk zeros and ones an a hoped, and this is. The way I live my life. I'm looking for inspiration Milwaukee for riffs. I'm looking for some lucky for June. I'm looking for titles on looking for hoax. Masan riot assault on a most. Hopefully going to the well trying to fish, hopefully all all the time. What's cool. I'm still hearing stuff for me. That's genuinely surprising. There's a you put this wild guitar. Soul on, I think on, hey, angel almost reminded me of latter day Nils Lofgren I know you used to listen to them. I don't know if. Oh, well, I'll tell you. Yeah, yeah, because Nils is amazing, fine guitar player. And if you go back through the what Nils if it reminds you Nilsson we're talking Jimi Hendrix, really? And yeah, a solo is sometime really, like I look layer often couple takes. It wasn't like something technically tricky a sound it, but I wanted to do something really psychedelic and also radical as well. You know, there's not too many backwards in your face real loud solos and particularly on indie rock records. So I'm not the stolen. Oh, I didn't even clock it as backwards that that helps explain it. Okay. Yeah. And then learn things about your soul to several has loving is you are singing Smith songs. Is there any psychological barrier that you had to overcome or anything like that to to get comfortable with the idea of that, or is it just straight ahead for you? Now? No, you're there is. I mean, I wouldn't if the was really eight would just because it just be too much hassle. You know, a guess I'll go very lucky without right because almost again, this this thing of playing with the musicians. I dunno at that meant Sally, I wouldn't have picked up the phone Neil Finn in whenever that was two thousand three full. I was recovering from a serious illness pleurisy nearly two thousands, and a really was not supposed to be working. But Neil Finn invited meal with sid news eland and aegis assumed I was going to sing. There was a lot never goes out because it was a big song right now. I, I arrive there with all his Smith baggage which allow people seem to still be carrying around, aren't won't even in the group undone a realize in instant when I balked his suggestion and he looked at me quizzically, well, kind of what you may never ever sacred cow a realize. I was just being just too precious. Yes, it's music. This is bullshit and a went on the stage with Neil because he said, you could singer, and he loves the song. He sung it. The sound check. I sung it and then we did it. And again, I guess now I'm looking back on never really curse maybe because I I out in the way I do and interact with other musicians. Follow music would maybe have no the opportunity to be to be on a stage with Neil Finn and Vada at O'Brien from Radiohead, Lisa Germano, they're both shit. You know, I would have been just like some precious, you know, churlish big baby donate. So did it. And the audience reacted in such a beautiful way and in in a way of, I think mentioned in the book of nail to funk for that because he gave me gift really just puncturing nonsense. But that's because a musician spend my time. Now we musicians now, he's in Fleetwood MAC's. Just never know how these. Things are gonna tag Lookie fleet with monk. Absolutely are. Thank you so much for being here. So right. This is been stoned music. Now we'll be back here on Sirius XM next Friday, channel, six pm time. We are podcast download us as a podcast scribe to his podcast where we get your podcast. This device relied tunes as always thanks for listening. See..

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