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And you know, Houston is known for jacking up threes to. Wrangle be bad. It'll give you say that anyway. Zef getting. Of course. Highlights highlight never live. I mean, he didn't he didn't make take this of live. This is Bill good that didn't make you a little mean. Because what they do with go round. Cool, man. Big, okay. Apple kiss later in the show make denial out this miles Turner has just as many blocks this season. Team. Sweet Turner has more blacks than the cows. Are we sleeping on him for defense there? Has more blocks in an NBA team Lulu. We sleep in on. Indiana was so good. Gotta brand protect the right there. Hey this like ROY him. It's back now. He got more games. Roy though. I'm just gonna let all this. Go by Zion playing pickup. Rips the hotel. What does that thing? Swing back and forth. The most garbage competition you ever played against like. But not like when you were twelve I'm doing my after he didn't go to college. So he did not get the college rec center. My house. All right. We saw was the backwards of time to run it back. Professor Bodmer in the lab. Best basket freaking don't ever number three, Darryl Dawkins nine hundred seventy nine Raines. I'm glad. Oh, yeah. Win because it is. Okay. There's just a hole in the back right there, and then the rim there. It is favoring the playground this one Well, this this should have been. one is doing this working shack in one thousand nine hundred three to tell me on the twenty one years old right here. All right. So they had the will that that isn't this ROY? Unprepared. Clock. Good deal destroyed the entire structure, not just a joint here. This a joint field. Hydraulic gave out the entire. One though, I'm talking physics right now. Didn't he put in his backyard in Orlando like all the broken hoops that he had he collected them as like a one? Shot. Yes, there you go. Do for well. Speaking of Siad, according to the New York Times USA basketball plans to gauge the interest of Zion in playing in the FIBA World Cup this summer. He would already of course, be drafted by an NBA team. At that point. When asked about the prospects of asking Zion to play here is what USA basketball head coach Gregg Popovich said, quote, there's been no USA outreach or selection or anything like that. That process is going to happen pretty quickly because the end of the year is coming. We'll have to figure out who's on the team who's gonna play who's not gonna play. But I don't have any comments about any individuals, Tracy. What do you think about Zion playing more games for free of break before basketball seasons? Looking at top in outfit right there. Give me nightmares. Screaming and the Richard Jefferson. Nightmare watching. Sneaky. Do I, but I you know him being if he gets invited to play feeble World Cup. I think it'd be a good experience. Because I remember RJ was was with us on two thousand three I think he got a good experience out of that being around guys like Tim Duncan absence. Great players at a league that he's going to be facing and Chris late their plan with Michael joy knows guys. I think it'd be a spoonful couple things first of all by the time. It happens link is MBA deal the checks one of the shooting also hopefully by the so he's not playing like for the same sense. Yes. USA Basil's in them. But if he were able to make money during college, we would have this conversation. But the thing is team x this is tradition. Kind of use mass. There's an internship, right? Not a last one. I think was Anthony Davis dozen twelve before right? They got drafted in the morning overall before he played an NBA game..

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