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California it'll be shelled leading university Illinois and then Tuesday December thirty first the Tony the tiger son mould from el Paso Texas that would be Florida state nearing eighty S. zero Arizona state and then later on in the Alamodome in the Alamo Valero Alamo bowl it'll be you talk versus taxes and then on Wednesday January first in the granddaddy of them all two PM Pacific time the Oregon ducks meet the university of Wisconsin Badgers and that's your pac twelve bowl report check image into scores just want to get into her room one moment I don't know where you want to go with tonight show but says so when there is a go to run the ball game the philosophy of football programs to be cruising and all the different identities that what it takes to be a great football program but in the pac twelve there's two teams that are somewhat called air raid you could call an air raid or whatever you want to pass the day is one of the airports a cab the guy with the airforce academy defeated Washington state thirty one twenty one will the running game and the watching the state went down they ended up six and seven on the US thirty one twenty one in U. S. C. who they call the error rate there was just one dimensional as far as on the office was cited the football we don't want to get in all of that let you want to be a bit of time they get forty nine points on the forty nine scored against seven scored twenty four and the error rate is something that's I don't know if that's a fly spray or past spray I don't know what it is but it's not the complete package of what it takes to be a winning football program if you look around and you see what's happening in the four top teams a top ten teams in the country their physical they run the football their athletic as far as the quarterback is concerned if they are not they put their quarterback in a position where he could be very successful you take you as saying they had one of the top quarterbacks the country it's not about the same time these other great quarterbacks are coming out JT Daniels and he was I did in the first game of the year with the name and if they can install this last night in the holiday bowl the stationary do he's knocked out of the game but there's no movement a bootlegger counters are spreading the offense around or short yardage under center quarterbacks eagle eyed type of the fat out there not the no at all the complete so draws grades anything off of a past the date not really the play action pass I mean I destroy this out quickly yet their rate is something that everybody so excited about it USA and I don't understand the excitement about that because that's a different philosophy completely up to you as soon as it is always remember that so I really don't know what direction they're going there as every other direction that they're trying to go with the football program that USA so these are things I've never bought it on they are rated since that day came to USA when all the other people are so excited about it but he cannot be physical and you cannot win unless you do it all and currently right now they don't do it all which isn't surprising that the national media you know ball games are supposed to be optimism plus said although ward for teens they get a chance to go to a bowl game is so the network coverage for getting that really is just a celebration of football in that community took off and almost a cheerleader fact early on last night was well the started fast who's twenty years with thirty four three sixty that talent on FS one last one was talking about US involved as as if it was the second coming of of the greatest invention in college football that they're reading with US you doubt which was basically unstoppable and that that's you know lose a lot of traction that the game continues what you know announces announces and announcers out read scripts and and go by stats to do everything in that want to keep the audience whether men that toward the end of the game they got a little bit critical to an advocate the listeners and viewers with them so they started telling stories to getting and the different things about the game they're all weather smart guys you know they they know that it's not the complete package you heard them start to talk about why don't they run into football Hey when you when you get twenty two yards rushing Hey you're USA twenty two yard rushing the football and your U. S. C. R. could you just think about that for a mobile with the great tail back the great running backs and that sure you can be a receiver and be a running back as Clinton use it today and Alice you use is already back as receiver but they also have great running games you have to go out and play as play I'll describe it in the spring when Graham Meryl came you can't play basketball and the football field you've got to play football in the fall on a football field so you know these are the type of things that need to be disgusted and talked about because until they decide those type of things are on their football package on the opposite side of the football they worried about so much as far as losing brand Harold if we went to Texas or got a head coaching job that their old program would say guy I don't believe that US sees lots a lot of great coaches and the program has maintained or even gotten better so you know we do have great football programs you got it people are going to be attracted to your coaches but again there's sometimes situations to where you might be better off where if you know what you're doing we watch a game and a game feel it yeah I understand what you don't have when you're part of a football program and you know you can't do certain things would you take a snap five yards deep and it's one yard to go forth and wind a third one year five yards deep and they have a bad snap why can't you're going to center and have a quarterback sneak like everybody else does or get the ball to someone going north and south defense is penetrated there in the back will be for the buyer gets a ball I mean this continues over and over and over you just wonder really what I have to tell on this the boat they stating that so these are the things that make it so frustrated so Graham Bell great guy great coach I guess candy USC from North Texas state was a great quarterback great athlete but why would they not as cystic CO two game there's an office to court they from Ohio state or claims in R. Alabama will be that great tutorship the big fight the game situations can recruit people can develop quarterbacks and have a well rounded up and said that's what you as he wants and again this is just my opinion ladies and gentlemen you have years to close this our evolution of Graham Harrell came because because king's very came in that same year when they said last year that they were going to hand off all these activities that quite held was just going to manage the game and manage the program from a panel the cost is and all that so now was here all there was an extension he's well entrenched what develops recorded America you know they come in they're going to want multiple year deals is UFC that committed to some coordinator gal that they're going to give him the reins to the needs and really take away any more responsibility that quite help me today well first of all I don't think you're attracted a great coach is now currently the USA but you don't know exactly what the tenure as head football coach he wondered when under the valuation this year when he was eight four and kept his job and then after bowl game they've lost two one got a hedge this is to go to Java North Carolina state the other two were released today Baxter better grass so what is that what is the future as far as for USC assistant to come from a great program you're better off where you are and a long term contract to you I see what does that give you can you get one to start with will they give one to start with now because if there is a coaching change it'll be made down the road and I don't know if there will be one or not I mean what do you do your part of a program that was may be all that not as successful or you don't have the same reputation that you know where you came from when you take a step backwards rather than a step forward so you really have to evaluate everything before you make a model as far as from a successful program to program this maybe maybe maybe when you're finished eighty it's in the country or seventy eight to the Country Club the pac twelve as far as recruiting does that tell you as a future so you've got to be really careful on a I did a great assistant coach I'm just taking any type of job but before you move like you'd mentioned Kingsbury who can't deal at C. K. B. U. S. saintly this fire to Texas that we came there is an authentic coordinator obviously he could have been too successful at Texas tech and winning football games with their rate or whatever they call it down they pass the football every doubt but US six acted that'd be a U. S. E. decided that was the way to go and this is where they are so that's about right away this again I'm hardly had which case you could call me at so try to be I that go Joby I'd but a lot of your travel that may go driving on interstate fifteen about twenty miles south of the law take effect as well is terrible zeroed out I remembered it's important to have an electric car you got to be able to charge it up sometime so terrible flowed out that only electric charging station on interstate fifteen in the state of Nevada remember that when you go by terrible road out ninety six sixty follows restrooms as for what else can a day that's better stay connected to all the days of Adam we'll be right back adopt U. S. kids presents what to expect when you're expecting a teenager learning the lingo today I'm going to help parents translate teens lay now when the team says something is on Fleek exactly like seeing that's read it then we mean that something as awesome another one is told exactly like seeing told me just shorter as in I totally love going to the mall in other words you might hear Julie is a shorter better way to say jealous as in Khloe I am like so Joey a unicorn phone case you don't have to speak team to be a perfect parent thousands of teens in foster care will thing here rad just the same.

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