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So this is not going to be a surprise because the left loves to scream and yell about racism, sexism, homophobia, It's all about identity politics. It's all about political correctness, cancel culture. But then every once in a while, they kind of step in it on their own, so right, and it's always something that happens. It's very fun. So last week we brought you the story about how the left the Democrats are attacking a gay Republican running for Grossmont Cuyamaca School district. That's Jordan Gascon. A gay Latino Republicans, so he's got two strikes against him. He's Latino, and he's gay and as your chastity to be Republican, anyway, they sent out mailers. The left the Democrats. The union's basically highlighting his sexual orientation by saying, Oh, he lives with his his husband. Right. Well, why don't you point that out? They would never point that Adipose Dog whistling there, So we called them out on that. The Union Tribune said nothing nothing at all. Then Friday, no surprise. Ah, the Union Tribune, which is literally the voice of the establishment of the union, groans and the big business, guys, the lobbyist get together and they tell us what to do. Their editorial page. Endorsed our Gloria and mind you The reason why they endorsed our Gloria because they praised Barbara as experienced and she's a capable executive. And and a ah, absolute, you know, managerial Sze powerhouse. They said that the reason why they're going with Gloria Is quote. He has the ability to bridge the Gulf between San Diego status as a diverse blend of many cultures. And its history of electing white Mayor's s So in other words, wait. He's not qualified to qualify is not qualified. But we're going to choose him because of his skin color. I want by the way we like the idea of a quote. Finishing off the editorial and inclusive leader, an inclusive leader in charge at City Hall sends a powerful message to young people of color and the G B T community about what they can achieve unquote. So it doesn't matter that you're you're not as qualified as he's exactly the sort of thing I mean, it's nothing about his his brains or is the skills or his leadership. He's just a Christmas ornament. Basically, they said, you know, he's he's He's ethnic and he is LGBT. And so therefore, as a result, boom, he gets our endorsement, even though in the editorial, they bend over backwards to say Barbara is more qualified. Barbara has the ability Oh, by the way, what they said, because what they said in the editorial where they said she's more qualified, But he checks the identity politics boxes. They suggested. That, Uh, quote perhaps Mayor Gloria could use a chief of staff like Barbara Brie people they did not. They did not say that the woman should take the assistant job to the handsome little things they confined for her to do around there. Maybe he should hire her and give her some pencils in a desk. Maybe she could actually serve up some really, really nice coffee while she's at it and take his dry cleaning in because she takes notes really well, and she's business, E and stuff, So that might be a good fit. We get the celebratory, you know, ornament for the figurehead and the real working person that could be the girl in the background. And then that would be a good fit. Hurry. Everybody at the UT Well, good for her. She called it out saying, Look, you said that was more qualified, but basically because he's got these identity politics boxes. Apparently you're going to go with him. And I think what they probably were thinking. Like, what do we do? We we got, you know someone who's ethnic and we also have a woman running. What do we do? She's more qualified await. He's gay. So he kind of checks the woman's box anyway, or multi gender box or whatever the hell box and you want to check their This is that the way it works is that she was she was more qualified, but they went with him because of the color of his skin and the fact that he's good. So she did not have enough hyphens that does it. Really not in the box is checked for her. Not enough virtue, signaling going on S O. So here's the thing. Now there's a all out political correctness war going on, with the Barbara people pointing out..

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