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Sunny hi Sunday forty six degrees and right now twenty degrees clear skies a B. C. B. S. news time it's nine forty five ad let's go back to the take out a WCBS from CBS news this is take out with major Garrett looking backward MXT see I promised you our conversation with their queue and director of White House legislative affairs we get to other matters I'm gonna get to the now probably some of that will bleed over the take out take a spacey also make sure you listen to that as well S. listeners so you SMCA was passed by the house they were recording this on Thursday the show will pop tomorrow I want to read you two quotes about the agreement how it was negotiated an amended in conversations with house Democrats Mitch McConnell the Senate Majority Leader often comes up our conversation tonight not as good as I had hoped direct quote Nancy Pelosi speaker of the house we ate their lunch and as I pointed out in relation the last quote she ate our lunch in our diner now the conversations over many months on your SMCA this revolutionary trade deal for the twenty first century involved a simple reality that we all had to face said beginning at twenty nineteen Democrats are taking over the house Republicans retain the sun we have this transforming a transformational trade deals available for action in Canada and the United States and Mexico what the Democrats in the house needed to both closely review it and then place their policy stamp in it as part of the conversations in order make sure in all three capital so we'll be able to be adopted and and culture of the ratified so ambassador light Heiser created a strong working relationship with the speaker and ultimately are working to while juggling two other capitals at the same time and working through a variety months in good faith conversations with house Democrats as well as working hard as best he could to keep the rest of Congress updated it is been said the president and the speaker of the never never talked about this directly is that true I think that's correct as far as on that matter major such as Senate hope that they didn't talk to my point being that you said this is we're going to break the president has created these relationships they don't get a lot of attention I believe that's true because I know the president calls members of Congress all the time quite unexpectedly in ways his predecessor per president Obama never did you know that and I know the yes or there was a question is was it intentional invalid let's also practical did help that the principles were not involved in other people who had the trust of their leadership and the mandate did it themselves on that and then reported back up on this issue the president made a calculated decision to put the most expert individual on the job to negotiate directly with this and the most trusted one speaker Pelosi call Robert white hi Sir a straight shooter and a broker absolutely so it's a very powerful and very significant relationship here what the president was fully apprised fully in poor inform fully interactive line on all the concessions many many other members as we went through that as as you know at the end this came together incredibly rapidly so the challenge while this is developing real time when you have Bob down in Mexico City public forum members right so while he's on the plane to and then in Mexico City getting on the phone and at least three quickly briefing Republicans and Democrats house and Senate something that we made sure what actually happened so even though members at the end remember we just came out of thanksgiving read it out to try to move on I had so then when this occurs very quickly making sure that Bob's able to both explain what's going on a very high level and as soon as he gets back into town be able to get up on the hill and explain more deeply what Democrats with Republicans with house with Senate with leadership something we try to make sure and I think successfully executed down people have their opinions rightly found that I'm not here to quarrel with that about whether or not they like certain adjustments to the trade deal but the reality is when you're working with members of the other party and trying to find common ground your going to make adjustments that may not all actions have been as easy to contemplate in session we'll see I endorsing it with the present even himself raised well there are a variety of things that the head of the air AFL-CIO saw that were dismissed out of hand right we're not really you are not matters that we wanted to entertain nor do we consider so for example a very significant piece of pension legislation pension bailout legislation some would say was a significant demand of Mr trump can others throughout these conversations Richard Sherman at the a wing Sergio correct we took a look at it we went through a very thoughtful process the president was part of these conversations awfully decided that for what your priorities inside the U. S. M. C. A. at a way to forge a path forward also relate to find common ground the idea of incorporating that into the arrangement was not something is going to find players to with the trump administration I'm fascinated endlessly Eric as you well know because we've known each other for many years about how things get done in the underlying structures and many of my audience might ask themselves wait a minute let's say let me get this straight you're negotiating a trade deal while the president's being impeached in negotiating the continuation of government spending lots of give and take trust has to be established you're also negotiating a national defense authorization act which has not only defense implications but things like federal family paid leave all of which is occurring while this impeachment drama is playing out explain why what is how that happens how you can have the intensity the sort of acetylene torch heats of impeachment and all these other given take trusting negotiations going on at precisely the same time it's certainly a unique moment in history and I'm sure many years from now folks will investigated and try to come to conclusions about how that some of us might even write a book about it maybe one or two of us all over over the years and the audience listen what screen wife is a way of life in Washington DC sometimes the stakes are much more significant than others other times but never lies many things are going on at the same time when the president asked me to take this role on on his behalf one of the things he charged me with was being very thoughtful about attempting to pull off as many of his priorities as we could under his leadership in the summer and fall of twenty nineteen and so we set about to do that so after analyzing a variety of his priorities and understanding the best way forward in Congress and some of their priorities he ultimately agreed that during the course of twenty nineteen we ought to be able to with hard work Olaf creating a space for we ought to with creativity a lot of hard work be able to set a fiscal year twenty twenty in fiscal year twenty twenty one this will frame which were able to do he thought it was very important that with a lot of hard work we could have the ability to land significant health policy reforms and so and and many other priorities beside so after he gave us that direction we set out along those lines to accomplish that red opportunities available to us Democrats newly charge of the house Republican still in charge with by any chance majority in the Senate many of the newly elected Democrats in the house came from district one everyone nice correct thirty one districts so a lot of still significant support in those districts for the president that these newly elected members how to pay attention to that's voice very Keelan our special guest this week director of White House legislative affairs Eric I really could not have had you on the show on a better week than this I appreciate this will have the take out take a Speziale on the other side of this stay tuned for that we'll see next week for more from this week's conversation download the take out how take especially out Tuesday morning wherever you get your podcast is produced by Arden far Jamie.

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