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Some other clubs and i'm pretty confident of that but but we'll we'll just have to wait and see what happens wednesday but in the meantime give my best and mamie van doren i love the shark by the way is the only place i can still hear scorpions you know they'll they'll bust out some scorpion sent out the shark tank that's always patty marlow oh yeah we knew that patrick marlowe who has more stanley cup playoff goals in any active player right now is gonna be factor for the maple leafs wouldn't it be weird and wouldn't be something if the sharks able to advance the stanley cup final this year and then have to face toronto just in time for joe thornton maybe they come back and have thornton versus marta when the final just a fantasy at the local language that kid austin matthews right in the bay area guy he was born in san ramon and he was really raised in arizona so he's a he's a kid from the desert hey it's still my favorite people sitting on their couch holy themselves saying marlow gotta go he's too soft you're i mean how long do you play for the sharks nineteen years absolutely nothing wrong with this guy he's he's going to the hall of fame and he deserves everything that all of the accolades he's now getting interesting now but nobody ever paid attention to them east of the mississippi river but now that he plays for the maple leafs every time he's on the ice they talk about the hall of fame all right well this is your time of year dante parolin bank brigade it thanks danny and we should tell people this segment is sponsored by the lpga the world's best female golfers are coming to the bay area april this april the twenty fifth.

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