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Everyone can treat people the right way and. I- faith. We always find a way to get through this, but get through this in a way, you know people feel justified that we make changes, and also you know we don't ruin innocent people's lives. You know and I mean when I when I see a video of George Floyd. Brother getting on a megaphone, saying what is everyone doing? My brother was a peaceful individual. You know just makes you scratch your head and it goes. Time in history in two thousand twenty. Where just there's so many messages from coming from so many places and. You just. You know you just. Get. Feel on easy just about the future and definitely the immediate future houses can end. There's not really a light at the end of the tunnel, even with corona. It's like. Are we just in the clear now over is? Still, that elephant room like what if it goes back in the fall? Tell. Ask this kid from CAL poly. I got no clue. To read the articles like you do I mean. Does anyone knows and then this situation is just. Powder keg feels a little out of control, because a small percentage of people get all the pub for the rioting and looting, when the large majority of people want to do the right thing and just want to have their message heard that were just. kind of on this slippery slope of madness, which hopefully we can come out of sooner than later. A career in application development at ddat means owning the opportunity to impact the preparation of our nation for the future. Doing DDAT for challenging work that advances your career apply now at GD dot com slash careers. DDAT is an equal opportunity employer disability veteran. Okay, let's stop. Let's dive into Meadville stories. What's to see if we can talk a little football? One story that broke earlier today was henry rugs. The raiders top pick in this draft from Alabama. There was kind of a vague tweet from the raiders actually Victoria for tweeted out a statement that. They were monitoring Ari the rumors of Henry Rugs being involved in an accident. The raiders are aware of the report regarding an off the field injury to rugs, respecting Henry's right to medical privacy. The team will not become any on the report. And rap sheet see if I can pull up the rap sheet tweet. Basically said he had some sort of Gash on his thought by. And I'm told he's okay. While he was apparently cut or received a puncture, the wound is not serious. During these corona times in these teams haven't been able to see their players. You know there's the month of. The Ot's OTA's and in the middle of June. really depending on the team. This might have been the week of OTA's. And then you usually kind of reconvene. It's the grip part of the NFL you get a summer break usually six or seven weeks. The irony is like they've been on break now. Really since the draft, not being able to do anything at least like scouts and GM's even coaches working a couple hours a week or I mean a couple of hours a day with their players. That's all they can do. Is You just of keep your fingers crossed. Nothing bad happens right. No one gets arrested. No one gets hurt working out. No one does anything so when I saw this headline, I said Oh my God because you just think. Did something serious happened? Well? If he just has puncture, wound and everything's GonNa, be okay, but as a raider. Fan. Now, this is different, but last week last year I'll never forget when they traded for Antonio Brown, and OTA started. The raiders would I wasn't allowed at practice, but I would see a band for those of you knew this podcast. They ban me long ago. Not Not a friend of the raiders management though I. Like Mike Mayock and don't know Gruden, but he entertains me. that. When okay started Antonio was there and it turns out. He was going through all the helmet issues, but he was dominating practice. He looked like you know if you go to Henry rugs or Josh Jacobs, or anyone that goes to Alabama just type in any Alabama player of the last like ten years, especially, an offensive skill guy, a running back or wide receiver type in their highschool highlights to YouTube. They look like. Like a video game compared to the other high school kids. That's what Antonio Brown look like against the raiders in practice. They couldn't touch him. I was like Oh my God. This guy is going to go much this year. And then he shows back up at training camp with the bad feet in an air balloon, and it was obviously a couple of weeks, Larry. He was cut, so that was a disaster. Now I'm not saying this by any means, but I. Just think if it makes the hair on the back of your next radio. Might not this again well? It feels for the time being that it's OK. George kittle in the forty. Niners are far far apart I've talked about this at. On the other podcast did some youtube videos on it. It's a complicated situation. Tight ends the most underpaid position in the league. Two good ones. They've never made big money. Amari Cooper got sixty million dollars guaranteed. The highest paid tight end in NFL history was twenty two million dollars guaranteed Dawson Hooper, so if you're George Kittle, you can't sign. You have nothing in common with Austin Huber. You are a better player than Amari Cooper, but the way football works. I think just the way business works. It's on cops and in in football. It's on your position cops, right? It's no different real.

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