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Of this home in Mississippi and its connections to many politicians within Congress and within the state houses and governors were mostly boys were flown in for the use of these people at parties. This is fact people and not a conspiracy theory I will try and list some links for you in the show notes if possible to realize as we go over this info at, there are literally thousands of these facilities still in operation as a mention. Direct them and brazen activities of the Bethel baptist boys and girls. Home is in will stand out as the worst of the worst as far as utilizing real techniques to break down the child's mind to fracture it into remembering only specific details due to their brain, still developing and having a certain trust and adults. Especially, those adults that held your life in their hands literally held them in their hands sooner or later you'd have a certain section. Of these miners that was unwavering in their devotion to the Kalt even to this day over thirty five years ago they even set up camp there due to the state's laws in being forced to sign your child over I'm talking about Herman Fountain and Family they set up in Mississippi because of the state laws there which allowed parents to sign over their children to these facilities. In that way, they could do anything they wanted with them. Which again, if you listened to the story over there, Emplo podcast, you'll be blown away by what happened there and Why was the biggest case of the twentieth century? As far as children's Kalt is concerned and wi-with was swept under the rug. They're actually used to be video of the congressional, hearing when Youtube first appeared, but it's nowhere to be found anymore. When you hear the details laid out there, that makes you think that children that I saw come and go from the Bethel home and what I endured d to what I saw there on my own the eventual escape vase of maneuvers hiding from them for three weeks in a swamp I don't mean a wetland or wet area. I mean a swamp with large Cypress trees and about four feet of water in most places up to a few inches as it abutted onto large properties farmland or. Ranchland only to eventually had into the tiny town of Lucid L..

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