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Forget it ever happen. says here the scenes with the gargoyles running and moving. were. Slowed down to give the GARGOYLES. An unnatural. JERKY quality. Like. The Turkey boys chief met one. Yeah. Some of that. were. The hotel in the film. Was An old of business, hotel near Carlsbad New Mexico. It was actually burned down for the film. The ruins were later recorded as a historical archaeological site. With. The New Mexico department, of historic preservation. So did they did they burn down an archaeological site or did they decide that Oh this movie was mayor this is an archaeological site because Gargoyles was filmed there. Yes that's what I'm saying. Well. They need to remake this. I think big it's worth a remake. I think. So but you know how hard it is like narrow it down to I mean everything that I searched for before was obviously the cartoon from like the nineties. Yes No. Association. Between these till it has more association with like that episode of tales from the dark side for the guy or the hardest. Since that Lisa Bonet now that was a Radon Sean. Radon Song and. The Guy from the warriors Michael Beck. No the other main guy Crap, I can't think of his name. Mind is twinned blank. Oh, the Garg oil from the tales from the dark side movie Berry James Remar who I was trying to think of. The artists. And she says we can. We can just have sex all the time. And hang out. if you don't tell anybody that I'm a gargoyles and you know what? He fucking tells people where you can't. You can't that something you can't keep under your belt though he merely hey, I, gotta get this off my chest. Yeah. You don't. You can't go tell your priest now I mean now definitely that would work. I'll just get drunk at a bar and tells some random person. I don't remember how that actually happens to tell you the truth. I remember saying the. The tells dark side movie at the. Theater. Didn't. It also have Christian slater in one of the episodes. Yes. The Big Christian it has everybody in it. Steve Shaming. Julian Morrow right. David Johannesen yeah or also known as. Buster poindexter. Extra couldn't quite think of it is in the New York. Dolls. Niagara Falls. William Hickey, oh the oldest man and he was old before he was actually. Yes. Robert Klein there's James Remar. Forever. In that movie. By why is that movie sound a wild? I need to go revisit. Anyway. Love, the TV movies I think will probably do. A few more few more. As this was, I, think our oldest film was not seventy two. That's. About, as early as we've done. Yeah. You're right. So that makes this movie just as old as I am wow who and who held up more. We're GONNA find out. Next time on. Press Your Luck. Okay. So you're going to post a picture yourself on twitter. And then a picture of Bernie Casey laughing maniacally as a Gordon. And we're going to have a vote. Have a poll take a look at the ratio held up better. Yeah..

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