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Is mostly clear, sixty degrees. What's going on? We had the answer. The father of the twenty two year old Christopher Morgan, the West Point. Cadet killed in yesterday's rollover. Crash in morning. Lisa, g reports Christopher Morgan, senior of west orange says his son Christopher Lee's behind a legacy that would take most people are longer to achieve gentleman people. Rule how you treat them how you want to be treated in was the star wrestler, at west orange high school and the first person from the school to be accepted into West Point his father added, his son was a great leader. And he's great Bill to have had him as a son. Lisa, g NBC News Radio New jersey. Hospital undergoing psychiatric evaluation after attacking in the east village last night, and NTA driver in good Samaritans credited with taking the deranged men climbed onto the windshield at eight twenty last night near fourteenth street and second avenue. Cops say he started stabbing at the most of the Tilleke until the driver started tackling the guy on lookers also rushed into help hold him for police sports, the keys to Cleveland two minutes to Colorado to one checking the traffic in Ben lower deck of the doors. Washington bridge closed for construction, only outbound upper level, two lanes are blocked traffic delays on the outbound Holland tunnel. Two lanes closed on the jersey sewn on fourteenth street four construction and at the Lincoln tunnel. Inbound south tube is closed. Heavy on the Winston spur of the turnpike southbound from eighteen to sixteen w construction, the two right lanes and a flipped over tractor trailer route eighty westbound exit four just the left lane open bang-up permits. Twelve BQ crash in the left lane. Southbound by the Kaczynski go bridge. No. To go the weather forecast for tonight clear, low sixty to sixty five Saturday. Sunshine, eighty degrees sundae mix of sun and clouds, high near eighty Monday,.

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