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To striker and client. These are your winners of the day Striker inclines winners of the day, Omar before we get to yours, I want to give a shout out to Corona Hard Seltzer. I was drinking in a few weeks ago that lead to them. Hooking us up with a bunch of these huge coolers in many barbecues. And if you're filling up your fridge with something, check out Corona hard sell to my favorite flavors that cherry and if you do, get it, and you put it on your story tag me so I can re gram you I will repost you Omar. What do you got? Yes. Netflix and Bank supporting black communities are winners today because Netflix is going to invest $100 million into those banks. They say they believe bringing more capital to these communities can make them a meaningful place to bank and they could make a mini meaningful difference for the people and businesses in them, helping more families buy their first home or saving for college and Morson mall businesses. Getting started. So they are definitely winners in my book, Definitely, you know, usually wouldn't included death and winners of the day. But I should mention that we all woke up to the news this morning that the Hollywood legend Mr Cole Reiner has passed away. And if you're a fan of comedy in any way Whoever it is being a Conan O'Brien or anything at all that has made you laugh over the years. There's a good chance that that person went into that line of work because they were inspired by something that call Reiner did. The jerk film he directed back. Jack, you know, I mean, that was even when striker was a kid. I mean, he was the old guy for me like I knew him as the old guy in Ocean's 11. So good in Ocean's 11. The inspiration he had just be. He was the straight man. I mean, in all those films, but he knew how to do it well, and people would call in the gold standard of comedy. And so everyone, no matter who you're into being a Seth Meyers etcetera, giving their condolences this morning. Ah, life well lived, dying at 98. And, of course, his son, Rob Reiner, who, as you know, is directed pretty much every cool movie I grew up watching would not be here, if not for not for his father as well. So so the legacy will live on. I'm sure Arash Markazi, Thanks for being on the show today. Also, Joey Chestnut and Pink's hot dogs joined us. They jumped on and they said striker client We want a name a hot dog after Joey Chestnut and that went down just about an hour ago. Alright, my winner of the day, a rare star Wars Boba Fett toy is now selling for $225,000 originally intended for a 1979 release before the theatrical debut of the Empire Strikes Back the characters first appearance in the Star Wars franchise 225 K. Gets you the toy. Thank you so much for being part of the show. Given the chance for on Monday through Friday from 5 to 10. Remember you get that commercial free hour of Terra Que goodness with Meghan Holiday That is what we call a random act of helpfulness from your random Now Excuse me from your so Cal held more time helpful, so Cal Honda dealers. That's.

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