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Com. I'm Rhonda rock land security secretary. Here's to Nielsen called it quits today. Nielsen's resignation comes amid growing frustration by the Trump administration over the number of southern border crossings just on Friday. The H S secretary traveled to the US Mexico border with the president to discuss immigration and security on Twitter. Mr. Trump thank Nielsen for her service and announced that customs and border protection Commissioner Kevin mcalinden would be taking over as acting homeland security secretary White House correspondent, Greg Clugston. The chairman of the House Ways and means committee has asked the IRS to provide six years of President Trump's personal tax returns and the returns for some of his businesses something White House chief of staff. Mick Mulvaney, vowed today Democrats will never see. British Prime Minister Theresa may looking to the opposition party now for help in finding a compromise Brexit agreement the prime minister has not there is little chance of winning new fates and warned that without help from the position. Brexit could slip through our fingers butts leading consecutive Brexit. Jacob re smoke slammed maze. News twinkly labor in the Brexit. Talks blamed her for failing to take out of the EU already with UK once again days away from a deadline for leaving the European Union. Three days of cross party took sofa have ended with no agreements. Karen? The Trump administration is expected to announce tomorrow Iran's Revolutionary Guards designation as a foreign terrorist organization today. Unprecedented move that could have widespread implications for US personnel and policy in the Mideast and elsewhere. Michael Bush, the longest serving Maryland house speaker in the state's history has died. He was seventy two and Korean air chairman show Yang-Ho died in the United States of an unspecified illness. He was seventy news and analysis at townhall dot com. Hi this. Is Alexander green chief investment strategist for the club. Just for a moment. Like you to picture the perfect stock. No doubt. It would have hundreds of billions in revenue more than IBM Facebook and Google it would probably be a leader in cutting edge technology like smartphones and robotics, it would be on the verge of dozens of blockbuster announcements, but most of all it would be altered cheap trading at less than three dollars a share. Now, it may seem crazy such a stock exist. But it does he's a cutting edge tech company that has made deals worth hundreds of millions of dollars with Nokia, Microsoft and Cisco and a twenty nine point two billion dollar deal with apple it set to create fifty thousand new jobs right here in America, and Donald Trump even calls it, the eighth wonder of the world you've likely never even heard of the stock why because it trades under a secret name to find out why the secret three dollar stock could help you retire. Simply go to one stock retirement dot com. That's. It's one stock retirement dot com. The German government says greenhouse gas emissions in Europe's biggest economy fell four point two percent. In two thousand eighteen the first major decrease in four years estimates by the environment ministry show, Germany released the equivalent of eight hundred sixty eight point seven million metric tons of carbon dioxide last year, thirty eight million less than two thousand seventeen environment ministers, then just show said Germany benefited from two thousand eighteen warm and sunny weather, which increase production of renewable energy and reduce the need for heating fuel Germany's emissions last year were about thirty point six percent lower than in nineteen ninety correspondent Jeremy house ads that Germany's cabinets debating Bill that could start legally binding emissions goals for each sector of the economy gas prices here at home rose again up forty seven cents over the past three months up twelve cents in the last two weeks average to seventy eight more at townhall dot com. Kyle Busch passed his older brother Kurt on the final restart to win. This afternoon's NASCAR race at Bristol Motor Speedway. Busch. Brothers were first in line not to pit for tyres. During the eleventh caution to set up a final shootout between Bristol's to winning us. Act of drivers Kyle thought the best way to win was to stay out late. I've seen it work more times than not when the guy's stay out. You have a better opportunity to be able to go for the win. So you know, it it kind of fell in our hands there being able to lead the restart being able to get Kurt not spend his tires and get up second. You know, a good run for us. Bush brothers won't come onto its the eighth. Bristol victory for Kyle who prevented Kurt from getting his seventh on the half mile oval, Kurt lamented over the PA system that he should have wrecked out his brother for the win. Joey Logano finished third in race. Followed by Ryan Blaney. Denny hamlin. Paul Menard and Clint Boyer. Check out more on these stories at townhall dot com. I'm Ron Dirac strip. This is the entertainment answer, why was trashy p Hinson honored to play real life character and atwater in the new film, the best of enemies, still hard ride and her passion because I believe in Justice for all I believe in taking up for those who I believe in taking up for people who are bold. I'll take them for that kid in the cafeteria. So I understood her plight. The best of enemies rated PG thirteen in theaters, April fifth for this entertainment answer, Matt Mongol. Hey, Mike,.

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