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Now a presidential pardon is Ross, his only hope of freedom sign the petition at free Ross dot org. Free Rawls dot org. Help get L FM into more ears, visit promote dot Eller end on FM for a free bumper sticker. Flyers banners graphics, and more, promote dot L. R N dot FM. This is free talk live. Let us know whatever is on your mind. Eight five five four fifty free. As in freedom with you tonight. It's aria, Melanie Edmark, and we've had Laszio here. Let's go to the phones. Laszio your own free talk live. Are you there going once I guess we have lost him? You're a little, but about hold. I already hit the drop by. All right. Well, we can always call back. Yep. I wanna talk to you about crypto currency, wire though. If you're trying to reach the crypto currency market, or perhaps you wanna spread mass awareness of your crypto technology, either way you need a communications company that specializes in that field, leveraging thirty five plus different brands part of the investor brand network and more than five thousand downstream distribution partners. Crypto currency, wire combines the power of specialization with mass market reach with their help, you can start connecting with crypto friendly, journalists and more than one point six million followers. The commitment is to get the most is possible on your big news while it's fresh domestic, how about international they can reach fifty six different countries and also provide translation services. Yeah. Well, you companies certainly important relevant, newsmaker. You need someone still that specializes in the field to get your message heard crypto currency wire dot com..

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