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That's in all the divisions, which I That's Why another reason why I'm really looking forward to like the East there. But I think you're gonna see a lot more fighting in the NHL this year because of the amount of game they're playing with each other. But to me, look, police went out. They got tougher and they needed to do that. We've been saying that for years. I mean, all of us pundits here and drunk. That's one thing trying to use me known for having a tough team. Right? And, you know, Tie Domi, Shane course and right, Gerry Roberts. They were a tough team. And they did that in the off season, so they took that they went. God. Doctor goes insane Image of free agent that signs your story and I thought was a great time They need the leadership. They need that spirit. They need that energy, especially on the bench. There, Uh, Wayne Simmons, I think is going to be one of the best signings of the off of the season for any team. Um, you know Wayne's him into that tough guy who's been playing hurt for years on, you know, really like somebody read an article and I said, This kid is country strong. You know you could go to the gym a lot. But it's amazing How strong is that? He's tall and lanky, which usually don't have that combination of country strong and tall and lanky, But that's Wayne Simmons and made his living in front of the net. And Toronto need that. So I think that is a sign Jimmy V. C. They went and then of course, they got TJ Brodie or of the unrestricted free agent out of Calgary. And so I think Toronto is going to be they'll be first or second in that division I I expect them to win that division and it's about time they went out and got some great to match with the skill. Right. So you said Toronto, you said you thought Vancouver is gonna make it Who are the other two that are going to make it? I would think Calgary's got to be up there. And what about Ed Minton? Yeah. So, you know, a lot of people think Montreal's gonna make it. Montreal got great goaltending and Carey price. Of course they find Jake Allen. I just don't know who is going to score goals for much real. You know, like Munch Munch real. They had a good run last year. I think they surprised a lot of people. But I just don't know who is going to score goals. I love Shae Webber. I always have ever since the world juniors But you know what? He's just He's a year older and compressed schedule. He's playing that much more. And so you know Josh Anderson they traded for That would tell me. Anderson's had a tough time staying healthy over his career. S so I just don't know the score. I think it's gonna be Toronto coming over the North Cal agreeing that Minton And Vancouver. Alright. There you go. Yeah, we'll see if it Montreal can get going to tar. Now They're top left wing and Suzuki toe fully there as well. But we'll wait and see what they could do. All right, only have about four minutes to go so gotta focus in on the West. Of course, the Vegas cold nights. And you know Marc Andre Fleury. Still there? Robin Leonard getting the big contract. Carlson Cody Glass elevating now, but patch already very solid need to keep him healthy. Martin marches so has been outstanding. His tenure there with the Gold Knights and Mark Stone to me, is really that guy. He's a score, but he's also that great you talk about. I need to keep guys like Riley Smith healthy as well. Pietrangelo, the biggest signing, I think in a long time outside after getting stone I thought was big, so they get mad patch already Stone and then now they signed to Tran Djalo on in a couple minutes. Tell me about this Vegas Golden Knights team because they have depth. There's no question in between the pipes and elsewhere. And I know You know they're looking toe get the whole enchilada this year if they can. Well, yeah, The future is now for for your Vegas Golden Knights can I mean, you know the future is now right. You exactly patch already. It was not old. We certainly young anymore, Mark Stone. Same thing. He's in his twenties, and I think he should be your next captain. But, you know, you know To me. They would love to trade flurry and get rid of that million dollar contract and get that seven million spend elsewhere but always going to take it. I mean, you probably could have traded it if you want to pay two million to that. Andre Still, May Who knows some team May I come in injuries and get on the horn? There? Exciting letters real solid. I think Robin Leonard, the guy that future I know that you guys love Blurry and you should But the difference between Fleurian Lennar's about four inches in about £30 And you know, Robert Lennar. Well, I don't know if you know this Robin Lehner in the offseason, used to anyway trained with UFC fighters. He is a big, big kid. He's a solid guy. I just think he's you know, flurries. Best years are behind him. And just not quite as Gerald Bulls. He once was. I still love Fleury always will. But I I know that their pay. I would think that if they could traded that $7 million contract Made some room in there. They certainly would have, but definitely, you know, Vegas look in Vegas is division toe lose in Vegas in ST Louis, or certainly the pride of this division. What about Colorado? What about the Avalanche? Yeah. You got the avalanches? Well, but the I mean, you're looking at teams like the Avalanche. I love the Avalanche and all the people of predicting them to win the cup. But here you're looking at a team that Had goaltending issues last year and they didn't go out and get a goaltender in the offseason cat and they may actually you know they may win the division. But when it comes to playoff time You still got the same issue group hours a good goalie, but he hasn't been able to stay healthy. And this is a year when you had a bunch of goalies the off season and you didn't go to do anything. You didn't get me backup for him. So to me, that was a little surprising that Zach didn't do that. But there was wind to cut two years ago and then Bennington has an off year. And then they lose doesn't do so. Well and now you got Vegas with great goaltending, but they're not really deep up the middle. Every team seems to have their flaw. You got the three? Well, yeah, You're right. And those three teams. They're certainly the pride of that. But you certainly have your flaws with each of those teams that you could pick apart. Okay, so let me so I got Vegas, ST Louis and Colorado X. We only have about a minute to go. Who's the 14? There? You saw the King's The King's close. Very strongly. Eyes, eh? Is it San Jose is in Arizona who made the postseason, But God? You know, ripped apart, Uh, real quick. Just give me that 14 You know you could. It's going to be to me. I think it's going to come down to between San Jose in Minnesota. Um, e And I think Santa's is due for a bounce back here. He's got too much talent on that team. Still, Carlson should be healthy because he had a long time off Can I mean they didn't They didn't play in the play in In place since March, so everybody should be healthy on that team. Right, so can what we'll do is we'll Yeah, can what we'll do is we'll try and pick it up because I'm up against the heartbreak by man..

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