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Welcome back to the coastal athlete program. I am your host ship today I'm joined by the magic of the Internet as always by my dear friend, my co-founder, these ready yet. He the man who is making surf therapy available to you today ladies and Gentlemen Jj. Aka. Joe Jackson Doc Soga Decio again. Great to be all even through the Internet. And not just through the Internet from the power of a video talk I can tell that you are currently inside of destroy yet. He Mobile Mobile Aka. The one more way surf wagon also known as workshop. Pork Chop there you go. That's what it's called in one more waves known as pork chop because that's what it looks like Shit. And the show is edited and directed I. Just realized that was really awkward. I thought that was funny. I'm sorry I didn't mean to just Croats the transition. And the show is edited today produced by our dear friend. Arguably the top up and coming young journalist ever to have the initials D. N. W. in their name while simultaneously living within the capitalist city limits. He is the master of disaster. The Devil on the ones twos Ladies and gentlemen. Please allow me to introduce you to. The hub guys, With the. Airplanes. What? For those of you! Who are you feel? Discuss reacted to what I said. We'll see if everyone else years later Daniel here. Sorry that was a non sheltered event. Love brain injury. The thing is, is that Joe? That's like that's Joe's default. Retort to that question, and so I am so patterns to expect it and to hear your surprise the. slink! It is pretty jarring first. Time, year. Old Bad habits with the Marines taught me. What we'd just like to tell everybody out there. There's a reason we didn't release any episodes last week. <hes> there is an Joe will have already addressed this. On on the show before we get before the show got underway. It it's very interesting in trying time in our nation's history, there are some very important conversations that need to happen until we're equipped to have them. We didn't WANNA put out content that that didn't further that conversation. Now that some time has passed, we also recognize that we have a tremendous mental lifeguards out there, so we WANNA. Keep getting you guys. Critical information because this year is different than any other year <hes> I don't know about you guys. I have really been struggling to sleep <hes> I usually can fall asleep between ten and one o'clock, but I always wake up at one o'clock, and I can't fall asleep again before three thirty and I find myself wandering around my house, trying to find different positions to get sleep, but on average on average Judah three hours of sleep over the last several weeks or you guys having any issues with that, too not hot I definitely am. been over guys I feel bad for you guys. Like A frigging rock! I've had pretty disrupted sleep since about two thousand six anyways for me, so it's not unusual for me to average four or five hours a night. When I start averaging two and a half I'm lucky to get three. I, think the our chef talks about or the hours I actually sleep about one to four. I also get up about four thirty or five a lot of days because that helps, keep my kind of routine rhythm going so maybe I might fall asleep before am I dunno chipped. You do things like that. Try to get up early. Go search for something. So, like I, try to get up early and work on stuff. I picked up a lot more clients and started up a free class again to try, and and support some athletes that Kinda got left in the lurch in so as a result like most of my time than I'm not at work I'm either. Getting stuff ready for my next job or in the travel process so I haven't been serving as much as I want but I have started working out in the gym every day again out in the garage so I've been using resistance bands in the trx trx <hes> some some very light plate in structural work, but really just focusing on time under tension in trying to work on my posture, also started fat shaming myself. <hes> I have a birthday coming up in, so I started wearing t shirts that don't stop there yourself. About Self Love Man, I I believe that love starts with ourselves, so I I understand trying to motivate you now I appreciate that. I'm also a child of the nineties so I- social pressure is surprisingly. For me and as long as it's me calling myself Fed Sakashita like it doesn't hurt as much now. If my wife said that that would be devastating, let's be real. Would be pretty pretty awful, but <hes> you know it's just a subtle way by wearing clothes that don't fit me in a very flattering way. It's just a nice way of reminding myself. I have work to do. Maybe I shouldn't stop for that frozen snickers bar, or maybe I should prioritize doing a little extra exertion today, so it's just. It's my way of trying to find a happy medium, but we'll see how it ends up. I like it and I believe in the past because I've known you for several years now that working out and being in the gym is a happy zone for you kinda like me being in the ocean with Jose like I did today where we went worked on just surfing and got his new board Tylden. Stuff's correct. I mean it can be unfortunately with my spinal and shoulder injuries. Sometimes I hurt myself pretty badly in the gym, doing things that normally shouldn't cause me pain or discomfort so. that. That's why I'm focusing on bans. And posture work to start with because as fun as it is to jump under a Barbell <hes>, you know the risk of suffering a catastrophic, another catastrophic injury, and not being able to work like that. That would not work for our family, so it's definitely away. I've matured because when I. First when you and I first met like my whole thing was run the machine until it till it turns to dust like literally grind that thing down into a pulp, but just be as consistent as possible. What I'm trying to find now is like I'm just trying to achieve more balance as age.

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