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New quarterback of the buffalo bills with suzy kolber after being taken by the bills with the seventh pick in the two thousand eighteen nfl draft moega for mike golic junior first and last on espn radio and the espn app does he have some explaining to do i was fourteen or i was fifteen look i don't i don't wanna diminish or undermine the severity of what josh allen was was tweeting when when he was in high school why would you can't use it's regrettable it's awful it's hurtful can't do it and there's a lesson there if you're a teenager dude you're going to tweet things like that they could come back to haunt you later in life so keep that in mind lessons for you know high school kids maybe college kids athletes look we re comb through your old tweets and actually i think it was an nfl team that want to josh allen combing through his tweets but there there but the overall explanation doesn't have to go beyond yeah i was fifteen and i can't imagine i'm forty i can't imagine what would happen to me if if the things i did as a teenager were documented the things that i said language i used i can't imagine how that would come back to haunt me today thankfully there was no twitter thankfully to the best of my knowledge my behavior is a fifteen year old kid was not that well documented so there's no carbon there's no carbon imprint if you will so you know i think a lot of us would be in the the exact same boat.

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