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So it's like a kid company so no sir. It is not really cool. I guess the second one is. I did this giant red dragon that actually like print of it above my fireplace that for d. As well awesome. I love that one and then the last one i think is i did this. Giant billboard poster for the for black jesus. The the adult swim show. Yeah is it adult swim anyways. giant billboard poster and it's it's a portrait of every character on in the show and they're on like a big lapse to speak last. Is you did this cool. That was big favourite. Because i was like oh this should be easy. I have like a really good reference of all these kind of do strouss style. Again where have super good reference of all the actors just power through and it was like a whole week in and i'd only done like half of the face portrait's how bad man i love. That was fun piece very cool. You answered that perfectly i would. I would love to leave us. All as tradition dictates with a would you rather scenario so elliott if you want if what you need to say goes before that it's very how copy of what you're doing when he signed copy for all for all three of you to fight over much but elliott if you want to jump in with what you wanted to say before this if read then i would love it great wonderful. Oh that's what it was. okay got. It isn't if you know. Just lease the kickstarter. We'll just have one for the office. We'll have one for the office. We don't want many away from people. I don't do any kickstarter anymore. I don't wanna personal. I would like a personal one sentiment yet. Tyler to be the one that gives us like. It's his high school yearbook where he's like. I don't like this picture and he just scribbles you like that one eight it he ribs it out and eats them all right now. I'd like to present you. All with the woody rather and and then we can. We could say goodbye to our wonderful guest tyler jacobson and everybody else perhaps Thank you for coming. You've been awesome. Do this is really cool. I love nursing out with you about all this could do fleas. I would love to all right guys. Would you rather be able to teleport anywhere once per week. This is your ability. You can teleport anywhere you want once per week or be able to reset the day anytime during the day once per week so you can either teleport once a week or you can reset the day once a week anytime you want. Are you reliving the dares at one of those like you get to make changes I guess you could make changes. Yeah i reset the day. Yeah reset the day hands down. Yeah every day has such high stakes that he's got a reset it. I feel like resetting. The day is like you're you're fucking with destiny at that point you know. Can i go teleport. Yeah 'cause teleport is like man. I really like. I really want to go to this thing. That's happening like two hours away but then you still got to walk back yet. But that's okay wait a week play. Listen but imagine being able to teleport. That's pretty tight. You teleport to the south pole nearly ship. This is the problem is. They're at the day reception to. Because i i like traveling places so i would. I would totally do that. Teleport bags yeah. You could wait or you could just buy a flight back from wherever you really gotta get back before a week but if you also if you do the day reset you never learned from any of your mistakes for you. Don't grow as a person the code. I'm assuming it's grand groundhog. Day rules where i can live the day but then i remember how i live and i make changes accordingly. That'd be the best version of it. So i what about those mistakes. You make joe and we won't need to go independent. But i will still take those in my soul again. You guys know me. And i'll feel those mistakes for weeks and of those mistakes the events. Those mistakes won't happen. So what if the events of those quote unquote mistakes. Actually turn out that. Those weren't mistakes to begin with at all. They actually work out at the end. You never find out what zooming backing mistake. Yeah you never know you. Just once you would never know for my career purposes. I would like to amend option to in that. If i reset the day all the work that i did that day is now done and i get an extra day of painting time. Yeah that'd be great. I think we can talk to them. Yeah forty eight hour days. Yes w why are fellowship rat. W i think. But they're good at what they do. Thank you for listening to today's episode of the valley cast. What a special time. Jo anne tyler and elliott at. Thank you tyler. I wanna thank you for coming on the show man. This has been so cool. It's been super fun because Just show us all your swords one by one a weird spooky camera going into the basement and love it one or two bloody blades. Yeah soared those are my evidence swords one more time they can go to kick starter and look up. The art of tyler jacobson. That's the easiest way to do it right and you can go to my website. Which is tyler jacobson. Art dot com in the first banner on there is a link to the kickstarter as well and then through my social media which is at. I think my twitter is at jacobson tyler. Because there's some jerk out there that i haven't found is life and then I think my instagram at tyler. Jacobson art awesome. Hey yes you've got three. You've got to new followers for sure you guys for a long time. So thank you man. This is awesome. Well it was really cool having you here. Thank you to our listeners to our patrons and to everyone beyond and Any people dead people on all the people that have ever died behind the move beyond behind all the multi-diverse humans that exist because of getting reset dimensional aliens. Yeah redundancies. What have you joe. Anything else any other now. That's it go check out kickstarter dot com slash movie. Movie games. well we are sent out surveys. So everybody can put their information in what that means is that we're getting really close to printing and we're going to have to shutdown sales at some point so you want this go get it now. Better harry all right guys. Well thank you so much for listening in the valley cast. We'll catch you next time bye bye..

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