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I've had experiences like this where it's like, she's not breaking up with you. Because of the action figure she's breaking up with you. Because. Of the lies dwell. Also it out we might as well know this week in relationship talk is going real well, but I want to more into action figure collection. What's the price piece? Man. See that's the thing. It's like my price pieces aren't things like expensive like I have custom figure that someone made for me actually may be the entire nineties x force team. But the second costumes remember when I don't remember exactly who drew it. But it was like the blue and cannibal had the yellow stripes. He made me that whole team. And that to me is the fact that this kid made them for me it was kinda like sweet. So he made those and I have them that's up there. And I also things in my my lady got for me that I was like, yeah. This is just not a great figure, but I'll keep forever. She's going to be listened to. What was really really important? She's really going to wonder which ones that's where you're wrong because she hasn't listened to or watched anything I do. And that's why we're still. This one as I may have said before I played with action figures as well. My brother, and I combined are human and Shiro action figures and had an entire living room of scenarios. You set your action figures in scenarios and take pictures of them on Instagram, which I think is the best have you been doing that? And taking pictures of it like for a long time. No, I don't know. Why it started in crazy? I love it. But I would just take pictures just to show friends like as a joke. Get what I'm up to us to be straight edge. So the reason I got really back into figures, I was older was because my friends would buy drinks. And I was like, well, I'm gonna spend my money on something I can have which is this toy. And I would just by these toys, and then I started drinking later. So now, I'm just drunk and have a ton of toys and buy more when I'm drunk, so it's really really double down. So this is the thing. I do people go play with them. I don't play with him. I set them up and they talked each other. But I don't move them around going Caparo silly. But that's how I do. Most of my writing is I set them up in I'll take random figures that'd be like, why would this guy hang out with this guy? That's how I come up with a lot of different storylines than like when I was a kid. The GI Joes were never the Joes who they were. They were the people. I was writing my brother had viper figure and his whole thing was viper. Had a bar and everyone would go to the bar to hang out ninja turtles. It'd be hanging out with Barbies, and they all talk and it wasn't been violent. But that's how we started writing. All these stories for me. I lost a lot of toys over time. We moved or whatever like as a kid did you ever run through that? Did you Jamie like losing your toys and then having to get them back again? So I have three quick things about that. Too stories was silver hawks. Remember there were bird people. Space people that flew, but you're in space why you need to fly in space now gravity. You can just doesn't matter who thrown. So I've got a silver hawk my brother because my brother was older than me. And he goes yet. Do what's great about these figures they actually fly? So I leave together package went upstairs through my window broken immediately. My brother was just like you. Yeah. Story one story too. I had battle beasts battle be love them, my favorite battle beast was this little rabbit guy. Right. And he was my favorite. I brought him everywhere. I love picture. Yeah. My brother I walk outside one day to my brother was six foot three like he's digging. This giant hole. And I'm like, hey, Joe, what are you doing? He goes nothing here. I walk over grabs. The rabbit throws it in the whole fills the whole. I was too small. Down in grab it and it still go down to Chester avenue and Bloomfield dig him up..

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