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Travel with stephanie abrams i am delighted to have on the line with me brad wiser the principle of hosts mark pataudi the managing partner of the perry hotel in key west florida on stock island one of the seven islands that makes up key west and if you haven't been to key west you really are missing something people it is this kind of inspirationally trendy chic super relaxed it's a come as you are party you know what whatever you're wearing it's the right thing to be wearing you don't have to worry when you get up at the beginning of the day should i wear this should i wear that where would they happy i just keep rolling so my question to you before we went into the last commercial break brad was you had to go i you know the only i can compare it to i was on a cruise ship with that or the group of people that i was in charge of i was second in command of a one and a half billion dollar travel company and we were having a meeting on a cruise ship and it was a joyous occasion and the significant other of one of the business people that was invited on this trip passed away on the ship the first night and i was running like a swinging pendulum between the captains formal night whatever first night at sea and the infirmary and dealing with the sadness of what was and i'm back and forth up and down the stairs it was a.

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