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You put one hundred dollars you're gonna make the plus fifty back on your hundred. You get the to fifty back. So the one fifty prophet pleasure hundred on the bet so stuff like that just giving them like just education on what you know what they what it means to sports. But what those numbers mean just to have a better lean on these fighters that are really good at do jitsu or boxing or whatever their forte is the. There's always a reason why i'm betting on the like we do really really well coming off a plus two hundred dollar weekend again this weekend with a mr be mother basically my new co host is just jumping on as much as he can and just have them here. He's from brooklyn and i. I love a man. So when him and i get on the mic we use just dominate. And lately it's just been you know. Every time he's been on i got i think it's now it's that plus fifteen hundred dollars so we've made fifteen minutes together since mr bean. I've been on the show together. So we've been dominating and that's only been about a month and a half is good. That's good the wrong. We bill whiskey. Bronx the yeah we know given them a highway go last week because we were talking about queens that you smiling at us. Oh yeah. I love him. He's a good dude and got a good heart. And i just i like his talent i i just i see a lot of skills and i'm just sponge retains information really well and i. I just admire that. When i see him. I saw him without before He jumped on my show. I I just admired him just the fact that he always remembered stuff that i even did it. Sometimes i retain a lot knowledge. Gotcha gotcha so Let's briefly talk about this weekend. Bela tor to sixty seven. Or you have see vegas thirty eight. Yes sir Belton for the bell torah this weekend. I I'm a more of a thing i that's why i strongly bet so civic now napa for the the co main event in the main event of baltimore be super exciting. The main event is douglas lima versus michael venom page. Mvp from the uk. The these two went out at before. Douglas lima gotta cayote k. Over michael venom page this is the rematch of them to At one hundred seventy pounds. And it's going to be a just a barn burner these throw down with some beautiful beautiful strikes. The co main event is leeann mcchord versus jessica. Borge i feel like they're hyping up. This chick lima court. She's five and one she's taken on. Jessica borge who's three and three But other than that the fight of the night to watch for belvoir to sixty seven would be the douglas lima the main event versus michael venom. Page because someone's going to be going to sleep with having a ufc side for ufc. this weekend. Which i'm i'm gonna handle more in depth tomorrow at six. Pm pacific time nine pm eastern standard time. Yonhap with my boy. Mr be so if you want to jump in here and get my free bets We're gonna jump into that. It's it's fight night Vegas thirty eight santos versus walker If you don't know geogra- santos this that's the main event was johnny walker..

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