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For the colts fourth-round action began with the trade. The colts set one hundred twenty nine one hundred thirty fifth pick to the Oakland Raiders for pick one. Oh, nine slipping safety Corey Willis out of Michigan state shortly after this election, the Spartan team captain hopped onto Twitter and spoke of his family ties a team and how he looks forward to coming to Andy. Going to say for Michigan state on excited to be on board. Bad obviously coast custom Bill playing. I'm excited to get my teammates. Let's make the stay after the rest of the day went as follows the colts selected USC cornerback. Marv L tell and tarleton state linebacker EJ speed around five defensive end. Gary green for Mississippi State in round six then round seven, Utah tackle Jackson Barton and after reading defensive tackle Assan Ridgway to the eagles for pick to Forty-six. Indianapolis ended his draft by choosing ole miss guard von Patterson? Elsewhere players from colleges across the state heard their names called this afternoon and round four Notre Dame cornerback joy in love with selected by the New York Giants while Irish linebacker drew tranquil was picked by the San Diego Chargers. And for the Indiana hoosiers guard west Martin was selected by the Washington Redskins. Rounding out that list for two more Notre Dame prospects is running back, Dexter Williams. Wet in the fifth round of the Green Bay Packers and tied it back in round seven to the New Orleans Saints mental V scores cubs over the Diamondbacks. Nine to one Carl's over the red six to three Astra after over the Indians four to three to walk off. Enke's over the giant six to three final through nine and NBA play-offs rafters over the Sixers one hundred ninety five.

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