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But officials did not open them Tuesday. The city and county routinely open warming centers when temperatures hit freezing for three nights in a row. Jury trials are being pushed back at local courthouses. Here's cave because, Nick, um I got his jury trial set for February and Yellow County are Being postponed later in the year. Yellow Superior Court Presiding Judge Daniel P. Maguire announced yesterday that the decision is based on the county's current cove in 19 transmission rates. The county has recorded over 11,000 cases. Since the beginning of the pandemic. Sacramento Superior Court has temporarily delayed jury service and jury trials through Friday, and plaster Court officials have suspended jury trials through January. Nikola got his news 93.1 CAF E K. 75 the time time for our featured audio clip this hour in the wake of the riots at the U. S. Capitol on January 6, some leading Democrats headed by Congressman Adam Schiff. Calling for new terrorism laws. But author and journalist Glenn Greenwald, who is the founder and editor of the intercept, says It's nothing but a power grab by the federal government officials. Here's what he said during an interview with the hill. It is our featured audio clip this hour. What Current law was not sufficient to stop the capital attacks. As I understand it, 100 more cops, and the entire thing looks different. Of course. I mean, of course, the United States the most militarized country in the world, the most Sarah militarized Police force in the world has the capacity to repel a few 100 protesters from the capital had they been prepared to do so, Which is why talk that we're facing some kind of existential insurrection is utter lunacy and madness, clearly designed to exploit people's fears to justify greater powers, but obviously the model they're using, and they're saying it explicitly is what they did with the first war on terror, the one that was ostensibly devoted to foreign terrorist groups on Other soil. Besides us while DeWitt ended up infiltrating US soil as well, was to expand what it means to be a crime. Obviously, before 2001. It was already a crime to fly planes into buildings or to blow people up. Those were already crimes so they had to enact an entire series of new terrorism was that were designed to expand what it means to support terrorism, and they called it material support for terrorism, which ended up being if you were a Muslim, and you uploaded a video critical of U. S foreign policy and heralding people who are resisting, or if you donated money to a charity That indirectly ended up in the hands of groups that the United States government with no due process designated a terrorist organization. Even if it weren't your intent wasn't your intent you were prosecuted for materially supporting terrorist organizations. What this law does that Adam Schiff proposed is to simply take the existing warrant tear a law that is devoted to foreign terrorist groups and just amended to say in domestic terror groups as well, which means Criminalizing all kinds of protest associational and even speech activity. Glenn Greenwald is one of the smartest guys in the room, and he's not afraid to challenge the status quo and he has in his entire career. And he brings up a very good point. We have to be very, very careful where we're going here. We're running down a slippery slope. And if we're not careful, we're gonna lose a lot of our rights. Our First Amendment rights, which are baked into the Constitution. By the way, the proposed legislation by Adam Schiff is stalled. It's It's not going anywhere right now. Well, the investigation into what happened in the capital is under way. I mean, the man who was the chief of the Capitol police has testified and said. I asked for help I I asked for the National Guard to be there. I knew we had warnings that there may be some issues well, and his green mold just said the whole notion that in the United States of America Which I mean, can you think of another country That's more fortified from a military standpoint from a police standpoint from a security standpoint in this country to think that for some reason that they couldn't propel Hundreds of protesters from the capital is lunacy Right on, He makes a really good How is it that that happened? Well, I mean, they asked for help, and they didn't for whatever reason they were doing. Deny there's help. There's there's an underlying story. Always ask why, and that's what Greenwald does. Why did this happen? Because that doesn't add up. You know, the math doesn't compute, especially if everyone had the intelligence that there may be issues. Right? All right, let's get you caught up now in your top national story. From ABC News. I'm Sherry pressed him. One of the six men charged in alleged plot to kidnap Michigan's Democratic governor, Gretchen Whitmer has agreed to plead guilty to a kidnapping.

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