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Really want to, you can always buy an organic chocolate bar. As long as you're going high end one of those like you mentioned Hi, Cacau. Darker, bitter. Chocolate's getting organic matter. You're not gonna have to worry about similar trace elements. I would have thought they were good. Descend the chocolate bars for the sugar, which is really not a very brain friendly food over and over except the fruit of another foot in it again, each of fruit again a couple of nice oranges in there next to my lunch that you know, in about five hours will become my sweet tooth at noontime, But, yeah, I would put Chaka pretty low down on that list, you know? Fried food and pastries and excess butter on meats are going to be the brain unfriendly food 2021 along with the soda, pop and other sugary drinks, and I've always been against diet pop. So that goes Without saying, Doctor. Thanks for your help. We'll look it up. We already know Mediterranean, but dash diet and mine diet. Thanks for your help again. The as we start 2021 with our best efforts to put the best foot forward. Thank you, sir. You bet there Dr Joel Kahn, director of the Con Longevity Center to try the area Cardiologists. Big time Author Take a look at some of his books and stop by green space to go for some of that healthy food. Put your put your mouth where his food is, as we continue on the Paul W. Smith Show WJR. This report is sponsored by unbound dot orig Right now, there are young people across the world facing a tough choice continue their dream of education. Or drop out to help their family put food on the table. You can help change.

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