Manuel Noriega, Saddam Hussein, Drug Trafficking discussed on Coast To Coast AM with George Noory


Former panamanian dictator and drug kingpin manuel noriega's die saddam hussein there was manuel noriega who had the world's drug trafficking and who do war by attacking americans was born in nineteen thirty four noriega rose through panama's army allying himself with the cia but also getting rich as it came to power in panama disallowing us covert operations there in threatening access to the panama canal fox's edmund brown the one time us ally was ousted his panama's dictator by an american invasion in nineteen eighty nine later serving a seventeen your drug sentence in the us he was eighty three a new law banning sanctuary cities in texas sparking protests in the state's capitol buildings hundreds of protesters marched in the capitol building to rally against the for the state's new law banned sanctuary cities that's an republican state lawmaker not rinaldi announced he had called ice on the protesters democratic lawmaker says are block as his rinaldi told him the difference between their immigrant backgrounds is that his loves the country lanka says he defended as he has served in the military and minimum he should apologize to to the body because uh the texas house of representatives is better than uh his actions he has disgrace this body rinaldi's placed in bullied and someone threatened to kill him other democratic lawmakers said it was rinaldi make threats and kirsten fox's jessica rosenthal president trump visiting arlington national cemetery on the memorial day honoring the hundreds of thousands of men and women who gave their lives and service of the country we pay tribute to those brave cells who raced into guns roared into bat and ran into hell the safes down easily president also taking part in a researcher morning at the tomb of the unknowns fox news.

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