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Welcome into lace addition of ESPN AFC. On Dan Thomas Join Craig Burley and Allie Moreno gets caught. He'll be with US shortly to talk about extraordinary incident involving Eric dire at the end of the spurs game in a moment. But we'll start with actually what happened on the pitch remember. Fifth round of the FA Cup Tottenham hosting notting North City. Thirty minutes into this one for Tongan with the opener for Spurs so. Make it one nil. It's not enough chances. And in the end they would take it in the seventy eighth minute born unable to keep hold of a shot damage there to make it one one that would take us to penalties after extra time. Tim Cruel very much. They hero on the night he would save. Get some Fernandes's late penalty. Meaning that Norwich advance. The next round. Three two on spot kicks for defeats in a row. Now overall for Josie Marino's side. This was the one lifeline. Maybe if he delivered some silverware shop the critics but again I feel like we're going down the same path when it comes to Marine Spurs. Not Good enough. He's made made some changes. So that the Norris to be fair made a couple of at least that at home against a team. Four points adrift of everyone in the Premier League at home again took a cat the backside for them to push a little bit towards the end before extra time but norris dominated much most of the normal time yeah again. So that's there's no other way. Pinter is is. The moment is a very negative picture and Craig's right and the fact that missiles spurs battering Norwich and maybe Norwich lucky again. Late equaliser deserve this. This was an evenly played match. That you would have thought okay. This are two teams in which there somewhere there or thereabouts. Close in the standings of the Premier League. That's not quite the case. When you look at Norwich to further the point is to Norris is a team that has allowed fifty one goals in the premier early. So there aren't exactly a team that defensively those a lot of things well just to put it in perspective. Fifty one goals means that they're the second worst team defensively to Austin villa in the premier league. And so if you're spurs this is the game to build confidence. Yeah this is the game in which you not the ball around. This is the game in which you create chances you create opportunities score goals you build momentum and you turn the corner and what has been a negative period up until this point but now now what do you do because if you were looking for this to be a positive sign and certainly was and it wasn't in the final result it wasn't the way you play. It wasn't in the chances created. It wasn't in the in the goals scored. And so what do you do what you do you turn to and say this is what we can hang on because we know that what we're doing worse at this point you don't know what you're doing works and you're looking at a guy sitting over there on the bench? Just well He. He's the guy that's going to lead us to title. That's what he's here and yet he's got a whole lot of questions to answer and I'm not sure that he's going to be able to. Gavitt was interesting listening to the addition of your podcast with Joel's you weren't pulling any punches. When it came to Josie Marine. You're in particular the point that he made about July first. Yeah you can understand where it comes from. But there's certain things that you really really shouldn't say when you come out a new say well July first what he means by this as you know. I can't wait for it. Because then we hit the big reset button and we can bring in new players and I inherited this team. These aren't my players and Ericsson Inver Tong and Danny rose and all this stuff and but the fact of the matter is what you will achieve on July first what you can achieve on July first in terms of transfer budget in terms of wages. That's going to be contingent on or partly contingent on whether you get into the Champions League. This year and Spurs were very well placed to certainly challenge Chelsea for that fourth spot. I mean they still are there not a million points behind so to go and Kinda give the impression which that quote does they. He's writing off the rest of the season and start from scratch next year. It just doesn't make any sense whatsoever. I more of an issue with that than I do going out the FA Cup. It is kind of a whatever situation from from his perspective but but advancing annexed around in Europe. Getting into the Champions League next year. That means more money and more money to spend to rebuild and got the team that you want so with you go pleasant it when we come in after a few weeks and you turn around and very publicly say got we for this season to finish the season. Still a heck of a lot to play for fell as stale as the Champions League. It's unlikely to where the plane particularly Leipzig. The frightened for toll concert taught for Champions League places because we don't always going home for a team had so much silk depleted for managed to go in and publicly say basically say. I don't think I can get the results needed with this group of players often. Every being probably Daniel Levy himself was probably on the board. That spoils probably hoping maybe had changed a little bit. It's another form of deflection. It's another former. Captain Deflect those another form of saying this. This doesn't stick on me. It has nothing as I inherited. It has nothing to do with me. Look I walked into here and there was a struggling team. Why do you want me to do? I can't tell the truth is is that his responsibility and his resume would suggest that he could come in to that same locker room. That same locker room made of players that went all the way to Champions League final a year ago and he would make a difference and people spurs fans would suggest yes. This changes are profile team. This changes who we are because this is a whole different broad broader view of how to do it went to do it and how to get the results that we need and yet what we have found is that there's been a step forward two steps back a step forward two steps back and every time there's a setback is everybody else. Except Yosemite in your. Who's to blame? And in his mind he'll come on and continue to have this rhetoric as if to say nothing to see here no problem. We're going to deflect it this way. We're going to deflect it that way and it's never going to reflect on me. He is without Cain his best player without Saunas. Well that only makes a difference not against Norwich. Yeah but I mean at the end of the day it's been the last four games has been coming for a while. There was a smoke and mirrors game against mindset. The home was the one year and really and truly is a is a main miracle ever happened apart from five to ten meant. We're still looking at experienced players here. You know we're looking site..

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