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Lives. Florida Governor Ronda Sant is calling the president's vaccine mandates hissy fit Mother nature, helping Firefighters gain the upper hand on wildfires burning in Northern California. Thunderstorms dropped light rain Thursday night into Friday, and the forecast calls for clear skies this weekend. One setback more than 1100 cloud to ground lightning strikes reported in the thunderstorms, igniting at least 17 new fires. You're listening to ABC News from the Wi owed 24 hour traffic center construction happening now and during the nighttime hours in Broward roadwork happening on 4 41 south on a Davy Boulevard blocking your left lane. Also looking at road work on 95 north, Um, the ramp to state road 84 that off ramp is closed. I'm Ricky Russo News Radio. 6 10 W y o D. The American Academy of Pediatrics reporting more than one in four kids getting covid. Now pediatricians and public health officials warning parents of a second virus that is targeting kids. RSV stands for respiratory since official virus and it's a common virus that seasonal like the flu really affects young kids and those with chronic lung disease. And it's the most common cause of bronchiolitis. Hillsborough County Public schools will keep their mask mandate for another 30 days through October. 15th. The school board voted 5 to 1 Thursday afternoon with board vice chair Stacy Han. The lone nay vote. There were some parents Before the extension. We must remember one and 41 and four your child you want. Is that okay for your child to be one? It's not okay. Every child is important and they deserve to be safe. Those who are very much against the extension. My issue is the mask mandate. My kids have been required to.

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