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Tonight and every Thursday night here on the network it's your hour HR RN nation to call and talk about whatever you'd like in the field of thoroughbred racing, whether it's betting, whether it's business, whether it's good, whether it's bad, we're here for you. We want to talk about it too. The number to call in is 888-966-4776. That's triple 8 9 6 6 four 7 7 6. James haven't gotten to speak with you since last week of course we wrapped up another huge meat at Churchill downs and went out in a big way with the Stephen foster and the Florida Lee as well as the bashford manor this past weekend. That's good evening Bobby always good to be on with you and we did. We saw big Reese from olympiad in the Stephen foster, she derrida, bounced back from marana up in the la to IM with a real strong wind in the Florida league and gulf port and exciting made and we saw maiden on Saturday afternoons maiden in a maiden special way Damon's mouth went by 12 months and then we saw golf port for Steve asthma and is now two for two. Come back and win the bachelor manner by 12 and a half. So some good steaks, life is good, one real impressively as well as charge it at Belmont. And then we got a number of us stakes at a bunch of tracks that's coming week. This Saturday. So lots to talk about and encourage our listeners, give us a call about that or anything else in horse racing. Also saw CC for the second straight year when the princess Rooney and earn a birth, the breeders cup Philly and mayor sprint, aloha west, got back to his winning ways on winning this past Saturday over at Churchill downs was a fun weekend and as you mentioned a lot of good racing coming up. Let's head out to the phone's Tom in St. Louis. You've got Bobby and James on the brisket dot com call in show. Bobby James, how are you, gentlemen? Hey, Tom. Hey, just want to comment on your question. You asked at the end of the last hour, and it led me into something I was going to mention anyway, so I'll tie it into one. You mentioned about whether you'd see flight line and life is good running a mile or a mile and a quarter. I obviously think I like most of the betters would like to see them at a shorter distance of a mile, a mile in 70, something like that. Which leads me into my thought. You've got some meats during closing up Belmont and chart show San Anita closed up the major racetracks of closed up. Why doesn't one of these smaller mid sized do something put up the money you get sponsors do whatever and maybe instead of having a traditional stake every year like the Stephen foster and all that. Sometimes go into the schedule, mar April, may. And say, hey, look, we're going to take we're going to put it up and we're going to do our best to bring it in this year. You know, run into my own 70. Am I going to say bring horses? That would attract and be what the people want to see. And yet still have these two horses be able to take the rest of the year, run a prep at 9 furlongs or ten for a long to prep for that race in the fall. I find this as well Saratoga starting and other meats are starting. This is kind of almost a dead period. And you would think that a track would be able to put something together.

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