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Is the time when most players fans and journalists take breaks visit some tropical place in a non cova year. Of course people around the world turn off their notifications for chris johnston on follow thirty one. The podcast and unsubscribe from sports net and yet over the course of less than three months there have been many breaking news stories so with the preseason starting in a day. here's thirty. One thoughts the ripoff with thirty two pieces of hockey news. You might have missed over the summer brought to you by caffeine. I hear you isabella. An unhealthy leafs obsession and two hours of sleep elliott. I loved it. Ama- loved it. What did you think. Oh i loved it too. I sent a note to mark. And i just said. Don't let her take my job. Keep her in school a little bit longer. And you know i always tell young people who are trying to start out in the business do everything you know no year various social media platforms twitter instagram to talk. No your youtube how to write know how to do everything and you know right passionately about it. Be who you are and do what you like to do. Because if you like doing what you doing it will come across in the work and her passion is obviously there. This is a young talented person. And i'm looking forward to see where she takes it in the future. The website kingsley. Voiced dot com If you wanna follow. Marc that's your dad. He's on twitter at urban underscores. Cy you can check him out there. And he's got his his daughters piece linked. It's it's awesome and mark. It totally made a week. Thank you for sending that along. George jay's on sunday jewish. The baseball i did i watched the jeez. And then i watched the yankees in the ninth and i watched the red sox in the ninth. Yeah how 'bout you yeah it was. It was depressing. All the nationals man. They just decided to torture. Bluejays dacian with brad hand or the game. Oh yeah i know. The former expos of all teams stick it to the I was hoping for maximum carnage. I think we realized very early. That wasn't going to happen. No by just unbelievable drama unbelievable dry like those are the days that you if you love sports and you didn't enjoy that van you have no soul. It was just in terms of the drama dude from the first inning of that cheese. Orioles game was springer hitting the home. Run like it was just on and it was like at the end of it. The jays were really fun team to watch this year. They were a blast. They were a ball. All the home runs the great season from vlad guerrero from ray from simeon to the lineup. A shed had a real nice year obviously as well. When have you seen an infield hit that many home runs elliott fueled a goal long ball of that many times in the course of one sees it. It was just the funnier. I know the big stories the bullpen. And that's probably their undoing. I should say probably. That was their undoing early But still this was a real fun team. It's going to be good team for a long time. Now sign ray getting him back in her contract and he's making noise that you want to be shortstop right. Yes he's like look. I see myself was a shortstop. So he's take what forty four forty five home runs somewhere else. I mean who knows that might just be posturing for a contract and he comes back where where he's been really successful in the city is you know loved marcus simeon. I don't know where i saw this but the rumor is the angels are going after. Oh wonderful yes yes. Great fun team. Great season and listen. Everyone was part of the blue jays broadcasts. Jaws tremendous thumbs up on camera behind the scenes challenging year. I mean how many differently at three homeless art. Gotta say good on the sports that crew and the The fan radio crew. Good on everybody. Great job fun team. I'm still be watching the play offs. Also be watching the world series. Even the jaisalmer aren't in it. But great job everybody Jay's refund team to watch sort of galvanized baseball in canada. I think that's safe to say once again. You know you look at that. Last era of bluejays and the spike in baseball. That happened big. My two boys play baseball because of that. Run my two boys. You know watched all of that. And that's when they decided they wanted to play baseball. I wonder how many boys and girls were watching this season and are going to say next summer. Yeah i'm playing ball and it's because of this relief fund bluejays team. I think this going to be a real shot in the arm for for canadian baseball so well done fund season. Would you think of it. I give the play nine out of ten. But the ending sucked. So it's like the sopranos. I thought that was a great ending. Don't stop believing free. Don't stop believing before we wrap up. I just want to wish happy birthday at some point this week. Max turns ten. Never know what's going to happen with a kid in the first ten years of their lives that was particularly the case with maxie. Very proud of that little guy is a wonderful young man. You got yet a special guy. There elliott happy birthday. Max jeff before we go. I wanted to issue. Good luck with your new show. What's it called the geoff merrick. Show with geoff. Merrick produced by geoff merrick creative consultant geoff merrick. No this is called Jeff merrick presents jeff merrick. Show starring jeff merrick featuring geoff merrick produced by geoff merrick trademark. Geoff merrick. Well good luck man. I have no doubt you're gonna have a great show. Well you know. They say boats. A nationally syndicated radio properties slash audio properties slash podcast. You're only as good as your first guest and guess who that's going to be on monday..

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