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Best defenders ever in the NBA. He's so versatile. He's so, so smart. He's one of those guys. You see it in every sport. Guys that are ahead of the play. He is ahead of the place, never behind the play. In football, tomorrow on. He's the head of the chains. Always, he sees what's coming before it comes. He's not behind the play. He's not reactive. He's one of the best, if not the best health defender of ever seen in basketball. So he just he gets them to where they need to be. Offensively too, and sad and stuff like that, but defensively, he's like the Maestro out there. And he is, he's something special. You watch and play. He's one of those guys that you can't tell how great he is by the stats. You look at the stats, you look and go fast, whatever. 9 points, ten rebounds, 7 assists. Nah, okay. Members are okay. But you can't tell the impact that guy has on the basketball court by Scott. He's one of the few guys that you have to watch him play and you have to watch him play over and over and over again to really appreciate how great that guy is. Is it fair to say Tom tolbert that we saw kurz value when Mike Brown was filling in and the team struggled mightily against Memphis in a way that we didn't see. And it looked like the team Barkley was right and calling them out. It looked like they were playing a scrimmage. They were just doing stuff, throwing the throwing up shots out of rhythm, being out of rhythm, defensively. Is it fair to say that about that moment, Tom? Trust me, rich. I've seen him play with Steve. And they look like they're screwing around out there sometimes. I mean, I'm serious. They just sometimes they just do stuff. They're like, what are you doing? Or what was that pass? What was that? So I don't know. I mean, you know, the last time Steve was out, Mike Brown was 11 and now in the playoffs. So my Brown coach, I don't know, it's just them. I don't know what it is to be honest with you, but I would, like I said, I've seen it when Steve's there. So you'll be there coaching and they just, they just like they lose themselves somehow. It's like, what are we doing out here? What do you get? What are you guys doing? So I wouldn't blame that on coach Brown at all. I always, I'm not one that gives too much credit or too much blame to the coaches. It's a players league. And players know what to do. And players are grown-ups, and players know the right play to make, and players know how to come prepared. And a players don't come prepared and players do stupid stuff on the court and players aren't paying attention to what they should be paying attention to. Well, that's on the player to me. I mean, at this stage of your game, you don't need your coach to hold your hand for 48 minutes. You should know what the hell you're doing. You've been taught well enough. You should be able to go out there and play. And if you don't, that's on you. So I rarely give the coaches to, and like I said, spread it too much blame. Players know what the hell they're doing. Just go do it. Golden State Warriors, radio color analyst Tom tolbert here on the rich eisen show. What's Jordan Poole's future looking like do you think? Like, what is it? What does it look like with curry playing is incredibly well as he is and does and pool showing a superstar ability, I think we could say that. What do you think is future looks like right now? That's a good question, rich. I mean, he's worked so hard to get himself where he is right now. He's a legit third scoring option. And sometimes second scoring option, the way he can score. Defensively, he's got to get better. Sometimes he gets a little loose with the ball. But I think sky's the limit for this guy. I mean, I think those things are things that could be tightened up and worked on, but some of the things he has a quick explosiveness. The stroke is impressive. He just really getting out would have never guessed as a year ago. When he went down to the G league, came back up, I thought, yeah, maybe the warriors get a rotational piece out of this. He's much more than a rotational piece. I mean, he is a key cog in this team's wheel right now. So I'll credit to this guy because I'll be honest, he was kind of they kind of teetering on this guy going to be in the league or not. He could go either way. It probably stick, but what kind of rotate it will he get consistent time? And now look at him. He's in the finals and he's a big part of this team. It didn't get he didn't get there without work though. It's pretty impressive stuff. So he's got a long-term future there, do you think? I mean, I think so. I mean, I think well, they're going to have to figure some stuff out because I think Wiggins is up after next year. And I think they're really want to keep him, but then you got Jordan Paul, who's up and I think he can sign an extension this summer or wait until after the following year where he'd be as restricted free agent if I'm not mistaken, which I very well am. I don't, I don't know what they're going to do. I'll be honest, I mean, Joey, one thing about Joe lacob and Peter guber is if you can help him win and they'll pay for you. I've been there so far for the luxury tags. I mean, it's insane. And people, people were complaining this year about, hey, we got roster squad open. Maybe we should go get a center. It's like, well, what are you talking about? Like this guy, this guy will spend money. He will. I think he's like 70 million over the luxury tax or something ridiculous like that, but that's the one thing I love about him. I hate owners. I hate owners. The most sports fan. I want my owner to be a sports fan. All my owner to want to win a championship. I don't want my owner to be a penny pitcher. I don't want my owner to think, you know, I don't want to lose too much money this year. I mean, I would think if you own a team, you've already made your money elsewhere. You're going to make more money. There's no doubt about it. But it's okay to lose a little bit here and there. You're trying to win a championship. You're a fan of the team. Too many owners aren't fans of the sport, fans of the team. And they run it like a business. And it just drives me nuts. I feel like it runs a Lake of business, but first and foremost he's a fan and he wants to see this team win. And Peter guber, too. They want to see the team win. And I really appreciate that. So yeah, Jordan poll will be here long, long, long winded answer to question. I think Jordan pool will be here, but you know, they do have some decisions to make. But it was surprised me if he weren't a warrior for years ago. Plus, just sit around and get your center back next year. I mean, James wiseman is sitting there. I mean, the first overall pick from two years ago is just sitting there. But for the year and now, Tom, it does Gary Payton the second come back. That was the whole conversation is that it's possible he could if they make the finals, they've made the finals, county..

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