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Will be dangerous and damaging winds when they do come through. And at this point it looks like as far as the metro areas concern, Michelle probably strongest in the south end closer to Tacoma. I appreciate that. We're gonna keep both of you guys. Available for any updates will come right back to you. Thanks, guys. We are tracking wind conditions on the ground as as high wind warnings remain in effect. Komo's Tammy matassa live in Tacoma exactly we're talking about this is really where the peak of the storm could see sixty mile per hour winds Tammy Philipson. Well, Michelle right now, I can tell you things are getting greasier water starting to come down. But it is pretty much calm around. The Tacoma waterfront the flags. They're starting to to wave and pick up as the wind here starts to blow. But tomorrow people can expect to wake up to some damage and power outages. Hard and fast. That's how the overnight windstorm is expected to hit. The national weather service says wind gusts could reach upwards of sixty miles per hour. Forecasters are warning for power outages, and downed trees the thing we want to stress this is probably going to be just a quick burst. So you'll see those strong winds might be calm out. And then all of a sudden it super Wendy power restoration crews are already on standby in Seattle. Seattle city light says they have extra crews in extra staff ready to go early before the storm safety is the priority when they respond to any problems, we.

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