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Welcome back into the three winners, starting at Radio Show in a week to college football. Week one in the NFL. Damone Roberts. Paul Norman with you the number 8883663733 glad you're in 8883663 is the number Three for free today in college three for free tomorrow in pro Jimmy tags under the radar game, that is a special bonus game that you have to be a part of Philly and Atlanta. Atlanta 3.5 point favorite Your over under 48 a half in that game one o'clock tomorrow. Paul Norman, I don't know There's anybody better in the NFL than you and your team and your brother in college football. You in the NFL put you up against anybody. And I'm not just saying that. Ah. I mean, this is a week one. We say it all the time. If you're going to get involved, do it in week one. Don't wait till week five or weeks, six. Do it now, Especially. We're going to give a 30 Day account number for free today. That means they can play four weeks of your NFL absolutely free And that's the reason we're doing is because how many times we said it like guys will call, So we five or six? Yeah, I tried to do it on my own. But You know, I was willy nilly. And you know when I was up by doubled up when I was down, I you know, I I You know, I didn't play as much as I should. In the next game. Just born one and I'm down money. That's great. You know Lebanon here that unbelievable. It's amazing people out there thinking, Yeah, I've done that. It's look the businesses, this is a beatable market. You know, I have people, you know, Say to me, how could you possibly commanded? Compare this to any other financial market, And the reason we can compare to any of the financial market is because it is the odd the line on a game is the price of the stock. It's like anything else. There is ways to track Elliot Wave theory in this thing you can you should Banacci extensions in the same here, people Out there, you know in the financial world, saying you can't compare the two, but you can and and it's frustrating to me because they just only know that they only know their world. So you know, I'm not going to get into the arguments all the time over it. But there really is a way to beat this market. If you have the right staff, the right team and the right approach and it comes out the money match. But it comes down to play a greater comes out to understanding. Every team comes out to understanding, you know, be into like Yes, Situational analysis where you'll see a team that a team that won two games in a row at home. Beat the spread twice goes across country, and they're playing a team that lost two in a row. It's a perfect example of overvalue on the value first market and you find incredible values playing a dog in that game at home, so I looked as I I just want you to know there's a million of those trends and stats and his ways to beat this business. But you've got to be consistent time is on our side. And if you play us for 30 days for free, you'll see that we're going to beat the number. That's the God's honest truth. I'm sorry. No, no. Yeah, Absolutely. That's that's why I wanted to bring it to you. You're absolutely right. But I wanted to get to this Pittsburgh Buffalo before we run out of time in this segment, Buffalo 6.5 Point favorite over under 48 1 o'clock. I think back to that game last year when the Steelers really needed a win last December. What a buffalo do Everybody thought this game the Pittsburgh would go in and win that game. Buffalo 26 15 loss on him. 35 almost 35 a half minutes for time of possession for the Bills offense. So what does that tell me? Pittsburgh has got to be able to run the ball. Time of possession will be key in this game. This is a Buffalo team obviously favored to win the FC East. They have now posted wins over Pittsburgh and each of the last two seasons. What do you see here in this game? Paul Nolan talked about having to run the ball. I mean, Devin Busch, you know, and then Najee Harris. I mean, this is going to take a lot of pressure off a big old Ben and look, Ben's obviously in better shape this year. There has been a long time what we said last year going into the season, his accuracy had been in question He had missed so many open guys to previous two seasons. Constantly hurt. He looked like more like a guy who was, you know, you know, coming in second place in your bowling league for a while, you know, wins every beer trinket and buffalo wing eating contest, but he looks definitely more healthy. But let's look strong. It looks more physically fit. I'm sure the T V 12 method has helped him a little bit, You know, but the end of the day. I mean, this is a This is a team that rebuilt its entire offensive line villain, a waiver gone. Uh, pal, she gone to Castro going filer gone. I mean, this is a they re built an entire offensive line, and they talk about getting way more vertical 13 14 mile an hour winds to me. It's It's just It's kind of strange that this game came in, You know, you know, last year, 41 points when and honestly, it was more of a slog game as well. It should follow. It should have been coming in around 34 35 points, you know, so I look at that offensive line being rebuilt, and I think to myself that that's the perfect recipe for keeping Ben In Czech down mode. I don't know how much Najee Harris is going to get. As obviously a rookie. I think they're going to have to probably limit his his, um what he's going to do I I wonder if that offensive line being rebuilt. Keeps Ben in just that in, check down mode and not getting vertical down the field. Yeah, well, that's why I like this shocking to me to him Talk along those lines and meanwhile, you know, Alan just keeps getting better, And that offensive line is outstanding. Williams Morris. Feliciano looks like he's about to break out your Dawkins. I I just I like this team in general. I think this team has done a great job rebuilding itself, not just through like slightly through the jet but through free agency. This bill's team is impressive. If you want this free pick, I guarantee it to win. Give us a call. Right now. Those of you interested the numbers Pittsburgh 10 and three at zeroed underdogs since 2000 and 17 Alright, it's the three winners. Dot net radio show. We've got more games to break down Triple 83663 is.

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