Patriots, Tom Brady, Todd discussed on The DA Show


This is even better than what he said 20 after the hour. Matt Light, who was an offensive tackle with the Patriots. We'll get his thoughts on Danny Amendola said This yesterday he was on Fox Sports, I believe and he said, Hey, the Patriot Way is Tom Brady. You know, when you see Patriot way in the dictionary, it's Tom Brady. It's nobody else's not Bill Belichick, and I think that sort of reignited this discussion here of who's more important for the Patriots success. Barry Sanders little bit later on as well. And we look forward to Melissa Ethridge back with us with another Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl song, 21 after the hour just getting started down in the den S Dan Patrick show. When I get to the studio every morning, I hit the ground running and I want to know what's the lead story? One of the angles were covering guest list. Maybe Todd has said something that's you know, I don't agree with or silly or stupid. But I get my energy up. I'm ready to go fired up, unable to ignore me and move forward so I can move right past you in a little quicker. You're very good at that. M drive the supplement for guys who want to stay on top powerful ingredients Backed by science, they give me energy. Listen to me. Listen to this energy right now. There's nobody on radio right now. My age you said controlling? No, actually, there's nobody on radio my age. Yeah s o. We're competitive here. We want it. We want to win all the time. But to do this to be the best. No plans on slowing down takes drive. So how do you feel today? You tired? Sluggish. You wanna work out? Try and get me personally? Yes. Do I look sluggish and tired and maybe a little Do you work out yesterday You spent the entire day and night here in the man cave. I did a couple of sets of bicep curls, which Polly would appreciate not doing any other body parts, and it may have taken a couple of foul shots on the basketball. Get him drive at all Greens, Rite Aid Vitamin Shoppe, Go to him. Dr dan dot com today. Refined your prime with them, Dr. Oh,.

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