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There. Some are driving. The NFL has rescheduled the Ravens and Steelers Thanksgiving night matchup. To Sunday. 1 P.m., eastern Baltimore, of course, dealing with a lot of covert 19 issues and positive test Now in college football number seven. Cincinnati has its game with Temple canceled bold schools dealing with coronavirus issues. It's the opening day of college basketball. Yes, it is here a little bit late, but still Good one between number. 18. Arizona State holding off Rhode Island, 94 88 in the first two semis to K Empire Classic. The second semi will feature number three Villanova. Against Boston College that from the bubble ville at Mohegan Sun and up Still, Connecticut will be on ESPN and the ESPN app in about 15 minutes. Time. Now the college season, of course, gonna be crazy all year, with the coronavirus postponements a cancelation. ESPN college analyst Seth Greenberg says the chaos is gonna run deep. Say you all of a sudden you have the positive results, and you're shut down for 14 days. You shut down for 14 days and they think about those players. I mean, and the isolation they're in now, when you come out of those 14 days like you counts coming out of the 14 days, quantitative Syracuse is coming out of the 14 a quantity when you get back how hard you go. Yeah, we'll find out earlier today. Number four Virginia rolls over. 1015 Frank, West Virginia gets by South Dakota State 79 71. Frank, Iowa, by 30 over North Carolina. Central Illinois BEACH, North Carolina. A and T 1 22 to 60 in soccer legend Diego Maradona has died at the age of 60 from a heart attack. It's a popular Cornett coming up on Thursday, and Keyshawn J will in Zubin will react to a very busy day, including what Nick's Savings..

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