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How the bears Kevin Japanese radio seven eighty one of five point nine FM in sports is sponsored by grand view homes WBBM news time forty eight traffic and weather together on the eight sponsored by pro med pain rehabilitation institute here's lore of honors a stall on the inbound Kennedy at Lawrence and reports of crash on the inbound and Ryan just before the Stevenson details ahead the evens is all clear a ninety minute trip in either direction between lake cook road and the Kennedy junction outbound Kennedy all clear ten to the junction eight in the express twenty two hair inbound you're slow approaching Lawrence with the stolen the left lane and Irving park to diversity and Harvard street tunnel the Jane Byrne interchange twenty five in from here fifteen minutes in from the eaves junction about Eisenhower all clear sixteen to Mannheim twenty nine to three ninety inbound two minutes of delays you get to the downtown area the Stevenson is free of backup sets a ten minute trip in either direction between lake shore drive in Cicero twenty back and forth to the tri state half an hour in either direction between three fifty five and lake shore drive about Dan Ryan a fifteen that trip that's as fast as it goes in bounds a little bit slow approaching the Stevenson we have reports of a crash multi vehicle there seventeen minutes in from ninety fifth street I fifty seven and the bishop forty two fifteen minute trip in either direction between I eighty in the damn Ryan backups on lake shore drive or any of your Illinois tollways route fifty three and I eighty are all clear in northwest Indiana eighty ninety four I. sixty five and the Indiana toll road all moving at a good pace get traffic and weather together on the aids every ten minutes on news radio seven eighty and one oh five point nine FM accu weather forecast we will see partly cloudy skies tonight with a shower or thunderstorm in some spots later on low sixty seven.

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