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Out a tweet and he's upset that his financial disclosure was apparently made public and he referred to as a leak and tag rights priebus familiar with twitter tagging means that right previous was given a copy of this tweet so he'll know that scaramucci senate out now it turns out that scaramucci financial disclosure with public record it wasn't the leak and to apply that rights previous leaked it is doubly silly we'll have therefore you later on but i want to get back to debbie wasserman schultz in this it guy his name is imron awan and he reportedly chart the house double the amount required for it commitment and may have expose house information online also charged with several counts of bank fraud after allegedly engaging in a quote scheme to defraud a congressional federal credit union close court according to fox news was was busted at dulles international airport trying to lead the country apparently to go to pakistan on monday night as crimes were discovered back in february and get this he'd been banned from using the house computer network every single congressional democrats who work with him fired him after learning about this report everybody except for debbie wasserman schultz who didn't let him go until this week why though now now this explains why when debbie wasserman schultz was willing the capitol hill police officer this is back in may eighteen and she kept asking him what happens if a member of the house loses a computer and other it commit equipment when you get it back how do you get back why can't get it back right away and i had no idea what he's talking about now we know we know that this guy he apparently has her computer or computer records and she probably is scared to blank about what might be on it so this is in may debbie wasserman schultz is grilling the capitol police head listen to this if in member loses the equipment says they lose the equipment and that is down by the capitol police it is supposed to be returned on that was ready to return to all going the gatien digital and not an ongoing investigation related to the member of the clinton belongs to the.

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