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STI carb dot com for all your carburetor fuel injection need. All right. We had Brian Armstead comeback on is a major one enthusiast and anybody that would get up early in the morning is you have to to watch f one. That's why we're having him on were they racist. What was it last night? No, no, actually a reasonable time. It was the middle of the boarding rain. So it was a nighttime race in Bahrain. Because. Bahraini because you'll be roasting and your Formula one car. Even thought of that. Did they do the same thing in Abu Dhabi? Absolutely. You don't wanna be a middle of the desert in the in the sun. Burlington your former one car. Lifetime race tyres rubbing off. Yes started off with, you know, Rory hold positions and position number two with the ANC patrol team positions. Lewis hamilton. Listen four thousand. The race got off to a buying Sebastian from Ferrari books that ahead of a pole-sitter Charles Leclerc in the first part of the race. And even Nova Leary both thousand Hamilton get past. So you know, after after I left. Klerk was in fourth place. But then he managed to get ahead of votes house to and then he finally got back into the lead after some some. I think what was the court by Mercedes to switch moves Hamilton to assault, which spent an extra pitstop. Escape out very quickly. 'cause Lewis Hamilton's aggressive. And I think the combination of the heat and the cars compound had Lewis Hamilton looking by. He was going to be you know, impressed position three at the finish. We're both houses coming in fourth place. Oh. Anything can happen. On rain Sunday. And you know, it just it just seemed to be really crazy. So Clark is comfortably ahead of the race by twenty five seconds. So. Out. I'm sorry. That'll spun out. Well, if you give me to tell you though. Okay. Thirty seven. In Hamilton where we're doing their thing. Vegetables second elements. To makes some move guest has Hamilton. And then bettle better health guess pass bettle better as he's prone to do, you know, he's always seems to make an error Formula one. He lost control of the cards spun it on track. At that point. Hamilton was clearly in second place votes. House both houses coming on. Eventually being in third place. So here's the real kicker of the race. By lap. Forty six. It was clearly in the lead by twenty seven seconds and St. radio in told his pit crew that he was having trouble with the engine. Well, they confirmed an engine issue for worry. Basically, his turbo gateway is hybrid power system gave way. Turbo was not able to regenerate power to the hybrid system. So he lost up one hundred horsepower. It was basically just running on the gasoline engine where the fuel racing to lead you on the other racers had there. Raking in ender hybrid system for just no boosts. You know, eventually, they're twenty seven seconds whittled down to just a few seconds and laugh after laugh you. Could see the gap lessening and by. Hamilton had taken believe me. Hopefully, but then things got really strange that fifty three also and I may have Hamilton lap. Incorrect as far as when he took the lead. I do have this correct left. Fifty three. Both of the the Renault's Daniel Ricardo when Nico hawkenberry. What was worse? Power consecutive each of each other. Only thirty seven fifty map oddest thing I've ever seen. David my show coming down the raceway ho convert was having a best races as ever seen him. Do you always seems to be midtech racer? Here we go, you know, they had earlier science. Whether you're ready to cover all your Jason there. Consecutive both lost power saying on still unknown injured problem being peer to run out of fuel. But you don't run out of field on on tracking? Those guys can. Two cards run out of fuel. So it turns out that with McLaren's engine failing. This happening. It didn't stay for the ending. But it was just kind of an odd. Because here comes both has to pass the clerk you pass them. Here comes back for stabbing from the red bull team who a couple more maps so pass Leclerc. Some part would have finished at while leading the race and almost guaranteed to win that he would have ended up in fourth place. 'cause here comes max Verstappen. Oh, and I'm sorry. This did have an impact on the race. Because of. Have happened because the safety car to come up. When the safety car comes up you have to hold position that you're racing in. And unfortunately, they didn't get to a Renault's also the racetrack until the end of left fifty seven. By the time Christians Hamilton winner. Suze restrictions. They wave. Hamilton. I folks I second Leclerc hung onto third spot because for stop and never got a chance to pass because Renault's crapped out on that. It was one of the oddest rates. It was really starting know Ferrari, friends, what color your curse me, cursing, me royally. But in the class of show up the, you know Hamilton is has kind of garnered a reputation as a spoiled diva cry entertain to a certain degree. That's true. I love the guy who you know. He's he's just a great racer and you'll see people of color sowing the sport, right? This very often. Or you never have really now. But at the end of the race and the drivers hit, you know, the little area where the symbol before. They in boats has clearly told the faster car. You've heard won the race weight goes Hamilton went on to tell them that. Hey, this kid's toy. He's got Gracie. Continues to raise prices racing. He'll be the new Michael Schumacher Lewis Hamilton. The great race state in the show. And one of the charter, so yes, it will be one of those early AM affairs. But yeah, you one you only get twenty one races year. So I'll be up while she all twenty one. Welcome back. Well, it depends on whether Moore. Hey, by the way, I reached out to Jerry. Because I saw I saw that. I'm to see if we're going wouldn't that be fun? Wouldn't that be fun? Would be awesome. Congratulations to team controllers wants. Standing thirty seven points with Ferrari in place because they once you finish a last week or two weeks ago with Australia first race of the year. So they're out there. Also a good start for Formula one for the season. Yeah. Well, that's fantastic. Well, you keep watching and we'll keep bringing you on. And you can keep talking about it 'cause already and you know, who knows maybe they'll take you on the whole series. Wouldn't that be something? I doubt that. But that would be pretty cool. It died died and gone to heaven. I I always thank you very much for taking time out of here. Sunday, give us out of people follow year round. You can follow me. I lost my microphone the court. On on Instagram and Twitter at wrote your son. All right, buddy. Thank you much. Take care. Go to go shovel, some snow. H about. Hey, buddy. Hey, we're gonna break when we come back. We're going to talk racing fuel at Baroda right here on FM ninety six AM eleven seventy he answer. Since John REEs with re point real estate is literally hitting it out of the park.

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