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Obviously. I know it's like one of the. It's like a compulsion. He can't help himself. I mean obviously, but it's funny that that would be one of his compulsions. Yeah, so they take him into. Custody was at Tan. Okay, but for the next two days Bundy refuses to give his name, and they don't know who they're dealing what they have. NO IDEA I mean we're talking. Florida's not whole Mo, they even have fingerprinting at this point, yeah! I think so. Yeah. They're gonNA eventually. Figure out. It's him even if he doesn't yeah, finally he gives his name as Theodore Robert, Bundy and he's probably all like you know just cocky as hell and just thinks he's so great, but in short order the Florida police would find that Bundy. Only a week earlier had been put on there. The FBI's ten most wanted list. And interesting again we see Ted. Bundy's Deatrich in July of nineteen seventy eight when he's in custody and it was just a really weird exchange like bundy comes out of the elevator, and he doesn't have any handcuffs on or anything like that, and he stands like right by the sheriff, as the Sheriff read the indictment and the Chi Omega murders. It's just weird. We Kim with. Invite! Onto Religion, aren't you? Ain't got into. The bond told me that told him you're going to get me. You said he was GonNa get okay you've got the indictment. Is All you'RE GONNA get? Three to go. Theodore Robert Bounding. Charged indictment counts burglary to counts murder in the first degree. Three counts attempted murder in the first degree. Vine intent to affected out the Fed lethally my chance to talk to the press contrary to section seven eighty, two more batch it. I'll plead not guilty right now. Yeah, wow, yeah, it was really bizarre. Wouldn't the sheriff be like? Get him out of here. I think that I think that was everybody's question. Even during that during that time like, why would you why? Why would you do this? I mean it just didn't really make sense, but again so many things about Ted Bundy and what he's allowed to do and gets away with could be also that the sheriff knows Bundy's. GonNa make an ass out of himself and wants the whole world to see this guy for who he truly is. I don't know, I mean th. That's a that's a cop is half full. Yeah, I. Mean I feel like you've probably got game to by Bundy as much as I hate to say it. I don't want to give him any credit, but I mean it just makes them both look like what so Bundy went on trial for two counts of first degree murder. As you heard this time. He's representing himself and this is where it just gets, so we'll for a client. Yeah, and it's it's. It's strange because he's referring to himself in the third person calling himself Mr Bundy. Watching court videos from that time, it's surreal. He's like prancing around court talking to the judge like he's a seasoned lawyer wearing tweed jacket a button down shirt, deep blue. It's a deep blue shirt. The kind with a huge lapels over a white. Seattle Mariner sweater. It's sort of playful. Not I guess to his Washington routes. I mean he's not acting like I mean these are serious crimes that you know or have major consequences. There's the death penalty in Florida. There's not the death penalty in Washington like why he chose to go and. And murder there I mean some have to wonder. Why was earlier? It's his connection with Florida I. Don't know so the other thing that I've been thinking about as you've been. Sharing the information about his behavior is the fact that he did have that degree in psychology. I wonder if there's something to the the idea that if you act like somebody who is guilty of these crimes, you're more likely to be found guilty, whereas if you act like this is so ludicrous. There's no way that I did these things. Maybe people would buy into that. Maybe that's why he was acting so strangely and. flippant about the charges I think it's all with his dynamic that we've seen all along before. If, you, look at that, and there weren't all these heinous crimes that he's now. People are like Yeah I. He could have done I mean for a long time. There's so many people that knew him that were like. There's no way that he did this. Even though they talked about Ted with a with Tan Volkswagen, so many people in Washington new, there's a Ted with Volkswagen. They still couldn't believe that so many Volkswagen's today there was it. It was like his persona was larger than life. Well, another twist in this very twisted case is how many women would flock to the trial addressed to the nines and many dressed as his type. Because by this time he is like a media sensation. Everybody's talking about it. They know that he has a predilection for women with long hair Brown. Hair parted down the middle with hoop earrings, and there's a name for this bizarre phenomenon. It's called. Failure and was interesting here is he ended up proposing to one of his fans Karel? Boone and she came to testify on his behalf as a character witness. So He's says do you WanNa marry me, yes, do I wanNA marry you. Yes, and what is the last question? And he said something and I really do I do really do? WanNa marry. You. Wow, that's so romantic, so even more. Another you know they're not supposed to be able to have sex? According to you know because he is a suspect and it has escaped twice. Yeah, but at some point they end up consummating their marriage, and she conceived a child name Rose Bundy during one of her visitations. How would you like to be that child? I you know what I mean I changed my name. I'm sure she does. I mean what a legacy to give your kid. You want to go on to have your life, but it's like you can't be president. You can't be you know. There's so many things that are preordained I mean they could be. Society wouldn't let them. That's the thing. It's going back to the taboo of it. Your Dad's a serial killer. Could any of that have been passed along to you? Because if there's even a possibility, no one's going to want to have anything to do with you. Yeah, yeah, so it's interesting though I thought you'd like this one of Bundy's attorneys, former attorneys, John, Henry Browne, which yes. Yes so he's a prominent Seattle attorney who briefly worked with Bundy and he described Bundy's folly, and taking the stand as a fatally narcissistic miscalculation in his book the Devil's defender. Quote Ted believed he could lie has way out of anything and could charm. The judge writes Brown. He was wrong so what we were talking about earlier. Why was he doing this? Why was he acting all flippant and like you know leaning into his like? Than Life Personas good boy, next door, kind of thing, good natured guy and I never do these horrible things. Yeah, so in May nineteen, seventy-nine Bundy actually rejected a plea deal that would have allowed him to avoid the death penalty if he admitted to murdering Bowman Levin and Leach. He didn't take it I think he thought that he could get somehow. Get Away with it. On July? Twenty, fourth nineteen seventy-nine, and later in February nineteen, eighty to Florida juries would convict Bundy. Counts of first degree murder and later he was convicted for another first degree charge for murder of the Levy Bowman and leach murders before he was sentence. The judge asked if he wanted to say.

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