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Hurt national hurricane center says however the island will continue getting dangerous winds and life threatening storm surge through the evening torrentz maximum sustained winds regain remain rather at a hundred and ten miles per hour making it a category two hurricane the hurricane is centered about sixty five miles north of Freeport and is moving northwest near a five miles per hour meantime Amaran is set to help we're sending eighty five amor line workers and support personnel from animals or to Raleigh North Carolina. that's Ryan Arnold Ammon Missouri's directive distribution operating operations on the eighty five linemen and support staff deployed this morning they volunteer that they are willing to participate and go on storm like this and so we do that across the state we pull across the state so each headquarters that we have whether it's from Jefferson city Missouri or Cape Girardeau or Saint Louis would give volunteers and then we take them and group them together and then we start heading towards Raleigh Arnold tells camel acts they don't know how long they'll be deployed in the hurricane zone but they will stay as long as needed twenty bodies have been recovered after a scuba diving boat caught fire and sank off the California coast with a three four and six additional victims spotted trapped in the wreckage the US Coast Guard says the search for survivors has been suspended and it is now transition into a recovery effort Santa Barbara county sheriff bill brown telekinesis conference the beginning the process of mapping DNA profiles for the victims recovered so far a special team from the state department of justice is lending their expertise with a rapid DNA analysis tool that was instrumental in identifying victims in the camp fire camo excuse time to to Walmart discontinuing the sale of hand gun and other ammunition linked to recent mass shootings including in one of its own stores Walmart says it expects that stopping the sales of ammunition for hand guns and military style rifles will lower its market share bullets from around twenty percent to a range of six to nine percent the company plans to continue to sell long barrel deer rifles and shotguns and much of the ammunition used in those guns leaving the stores focused it says on the needs of hunters and sport shooting enthusiasts bill ray Cobb C. B. S. news Washington. camel excuse time to three. a small crowd of activists applauding as he seems county election board announces plans to buy a new electronic voting system with safeguards against tampering Cynthia Richards is with the group Missouri coalition for transparent and secure elections it's the right decision have marked paper ballots our protection against possible hacking and computer problems the only way that we can have a software free record of the vote to compare against the totals that are produced by the central tabulators and the optical scan machines the new system will cost taxpayers six point nine million that's less than the ten million system it's replacing it's expected to get a test run later this fall ecards corn maze is ready to go for fall and this year it's in the shape of the Stanley Cup and blues logo you can see a picture of her from above it came like stock com it runs through October twenty seventh the Jefferson bank and trust business desk get occurs as a new CEO who is not a get occur Doug Morris been named chief executive of the company. of the company which sells appliances and furniture more succeed Steve get occur who's been running the company since nineteen seventy seven the company with a sure and ball and now sells much of its merchandise on line it opened in nineteen fifty one it opened as a TV repair shop came what's news time to for. taking a look at the commute.

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