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That's eight four four l e v. I n TV you're sick of what the New York Times is doing. Well, help us unraveling and address it on Levin TV. You're sick of what the Washington Post wall each and transcripts. They're they're on a tight hold come to Levin. Tv come to blaze TV network. And I think you'll really really appreciate what we're doing. It's very expensive. What we're doing? We're trying to keep our costs as low as possible. Ladies and gentlemen. I hope you'll stick with me right now because we're going to do what we call it, deep dive. That means not bounce around like a ping pong ball from story to story, but we're going to do a deep dive and something that's not really in the news right now. And so let us pretend that I am the New York Times, it's painful, it's painful, but let us pretend. So here's my headline. Is Dianne Feinstein a spy for red China. I repeat just a question. His Dianne Feinstein a spy for red China. And there was a great piece several months ago by Ben winegarden at a great website called the federals. And the headline is and we've talked about Feinstein and her husband, Richard bloom over the years and their relationships with the Chinese government, and how they've made a hell of a lot of money, and how believe that's affect her policies in some ways. But the question is should there. Be a special counsel investigating her. Shouldn't the news media be focused on her? Weingarten writes in a very long piece, and I can't read all of it. I sometimes say that in my last life. Maybe I was Chinese Betsy quote from Diane Franken Feinstein. As media intelligence agencies and political scrutiny of foreign meddling is seemingly at a PECS. He story with big national security implications involving a high ranking Senator with access to America's most sensitive intelligence information has been hiding in plain sight, just like Ted Kennedy was. The story involves China and the senior US Senator from California. And former chair of the Senate select committee on intelligence democrat Dianne Feinstein. It was buried eight paragraphs underway. Recent political expose on foreign efforts to infiltrate Silicon Valley as a passing example, political espionage quote from politico. Former intelligence officials say Chinese intelligence once recruited a staff member at a California office of you Senator Dianne Feinstein and the source reported back to China about local politics. He spokesperson for Feinstein said. The office doesn't comment on personnel matters are investigations, but noted that no Feinstein staffer in California's ever been excuse me has never had a security clearance, later comes additional detail. According to four former Intel officials in the two thousands, a staffer and Senator Dianne Feinstein San Francisco field office was reporting back to the m s s China's ministry of state security, it's intelligence and security apparatus now while this person who. Who is a liaison to the local Chinese community was fired charges were never filed against him. One. Former official reason that this was because the staffer was providing political intelligence and not classified information making prosecution far more difficult. This suspected informant was run by officials based at China's San Francisco consulate said, another former intelligence official despise handler, probably got an an award back to China for his work noted this former official dryly so this anecdote provides significantly more questions and answers for starters. Who was the spy for how long was the spy under surveillance. What information about local politics with the spy passing back to China? Just how close was despite the Senator did law enforcement officials sweep vehicles and other areas for life listening devices. Was there an intelligent excuse me in an investigation into whether others in the senators circle may have been coordinating with Beijing did the Senator expose yourself to potential blackmail or the public the dangerous through leakage of sensitive highly classified information is firing really the proper punishment for providing political intelligence to farm power. Here's my question. Was she removed from the Senate intelligence committee know, why she investigated by any Senate committee? No with a Senate committee is under the control of the Republicans. Yes. So why didn't they? Lindsay. We now know only the most basic of additional details about what occurred in Feinstein's office five years ago, the FBI approach the Senator to a prize or that a San Francisco Bay staffer was being investigated under suspicion of spying for China. According to the San Francisco Chronicle Feinstein's hometown paper, this staffer would work with Feinstein for almost twenty years. Drove around in San Francisco and served as gopher inner San Francisco office liaison to the Asian American community, even tending Chinese consulate functions for the Senator. And it goes on. But there's better and more. For the last forty years. No politician in America has arguably maintained a deeper more longstanding and friendlier relationship with red China at the highest levels of its ruling communist party and Feinstein dates back to the opening of US China diplomatic relations in nineteen seventy nine. Shortly thereafter Feinstein, then mayor of San Francisco established a sister city relationship with Shanghai, one of the earliest and most robust such relationships in US China history. So now after Feinstein led a mayoral delegation to China joined by your husband, investor, Richard bloom, a trip they took together many times over the ensuing years is the relationship between both Feinstein's and China grew. During the nineteen eighties. As mayor of San Francisco Feinstein developed, a close friendship with Shanghai mayor Zhang's them in this substantially enhanced Feinstein's foreign policy profile and created an important linkage to the US government for China's communist party, the P. And just as Feinstein rose trae prominent position in foreign affairs and national security in the Senate, I on the foreign relations committee, and lighters. Chairman of the Senate select committee on intelligence Jiang, rose, the president of the people's public Republican trainer the PR PRC. Now, there's Jiang's leadership. The PSE initiated a brutal crackdown against practitioners of fallen gun including mass imprisonments, beatings, torture, rape, Oregon, harvesting and murder and engaging in alleged human rights atrocities against thebenz Feinstein, never renounced her friendship was Jiang in spite of these acts. Feinstein and Jiang reportedly visited each other regular in the nineteen eighty s Zhang wants spending thanksgiving in San Francisco with Feinstein and her husband Jiang supported dance and Dan supposedly danced with Feinstein during one such visit would surely must have been a propaganda coup for the CPAP. I'll let Ted Kennedy and the Soviets. In one thousand nine hundred eighty six Feinstein and Zhang designated several corporate entities for fostering, commercial relations, one name the Shanghai Pacific partners Feinstein's husband served as director his financial position was relatively small less than half a million dollars on one project. The only such position in China. The Feinstein family help when Feinstein entered the Senate in one thousand nine hundred to that project, however, which blooms firm participated in along with the PR state run Shanghai investment Trust Corporation was one of the first joined veterans between San Francisco and Chinese investors reportedly quote by Chinese officials as a testament to the friendly business ties between Shanghai and San Francisco that Feinstein at initiated, unquote. Subsequently belongs investments in the middle kingdom. China mushroomed MA nineteen Ninety-three Feinstein expressed their long strong support on the Senate floor for continued trading with China contemporaneous. Her husband was seeking to raise up to one hundred and fifty million from investors, including himself for a variety of Chinese enterprises. And August nineteen Ninety-three Feinstein in her husband visited Beijing for extensive meetings with Chinese leaders as president Jiang's at his invitation. And as the LA times reported in nineteen Ninety-four expose on Feinstein's husband's business ties in the potential conflict of interest. They presented quote such encounters are finally remembered when deals are clinch back in China, according to American experts in Chinese business practices. They said that Feinstein's consistent support for China's interests cannot help benefit her husband's efforts to earn profits. There. Historical record suggests. These American experts were right bloom successfully raised one hundred and sixty million for the aforementioned Asia fund under his Newbridge capital investment company cleaning investing one to two million himself the fund invested in several state-owned. Chinese government linked businesses. Blooms firms largest holding at the time his China. Investments began to draw scrutiny in one thousand nine hundred seven was at stake in Northwest Airlines. Then estimated three hundred million dollar position was poised significantly. Appreciate in value is northwest just happened to be the sole airline operator providing nonstop service from the United States to any city in China. When questioned on his China. Investments bloom pledged to donate future profits from the holdings to his nonprofit foundation to help Tibetan refugees thereby quote, removing any perception that I in any way, shape or form benefit from an info or influence. My wife's position on China's a US Senator. But these conflict of interest issues persisted. In January nineteen ninety-five. Feinstein was appointed to the Senate Foreign Relations committee, subsequently she made several visits to China. Of course, why not? Let's see here. And company by her husband where she met with senior government officials reading this off the computer I have to move the screen during these trips. The couple was wined and dined one such visit in January ninety six Feinstein and bloom enjoyed a meal of president Jean. In of. The exclusive leadership compound for China's communist party where according to Feinstein. They ate Mao Tse tongues residents in the room where he died now. That's kinda sick right there, isn't it. Mr producer. Can I eat in the residence and the room where where Mao died? Please pass the shrimp. Feinstein kept up her dog at support for increased trade with China. In may nineteen Ninety-six. She pendant aditorial in the Los Angeles time calling the United States on it to grant most favored nation status. To China on a permanent basis get past the annual dance that is proving to be extraordinarily divisive. And not at all helpful toward reaching the off stated goal improvement in human rights, while Feinstein maintained her pro China positions in may nineteen Ninety-seven. The Senator revealed yet be I had warned her Chinese government might seek to funnel illegal contributions to recant pain. She was one of only six members of congress to receive such a warning is the New York Times noted at the time Feinstein had returned twelve thousand dollars in nineteen Ninety-four contributions from people with connections to the Lippo Bank. An arm of a multibillion dollar conglomerate owned by the Riady family with investments and operations throughout Asia. Employed a senior American executive name. John wong? You may. Remember this at the time Feinstein disclosed returning the Lippo tie contributions. But Hong was under Justice department investigation. And it goes on. You want to hear more this, Mr. producer? How about you America? I did the FOX show the professor Kengo and you saw real hard documentary evidence. Of Ted Kennedy's conspiracy with the KGB and Kremlin to try and defeat Ronald Reagan and his reelection. This is real hard evidence of the Feinstein's and their conduct with China. Why am I doing this Ellie to show you that the meteor corrupt that this entire dish? We found attached look at this. We found an Email. It shows nothing. Is a fraud. I'll be right.

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