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On the East E. Awards this year walk for ninety to be on. The awards. Wasn't Trans I was supposed to but I literally was on a hike in the woods kids and there's nothing wrong with that. I miss after seeing it. I really felt like I missed out on being a part of something. Great Yeah it was a lot of fun. I think everybody that tuned in and watched We had had a lot of viewers live. Audience had a live audience for the first time. Ever we're thinking next year if we put the Iheartradio theater and just opened up scrubbers. Who WanNa come by? I think you'd feel the place. I don't WANNA say anything too soon but it may be hard ticketed event uh-huh join that's a that's a high likelihood. So for the watch Ben Higgins presenter enter for the year I had to feed him the nominees. He didn't have them in. I did a great job and actually Jerry called in as well and presented ended movie the year and that was a lot of fun. So I mean I just I just miss you guys a lot over the break. I missed you guys too to 'cause we recorded and then it was just like we all went our separate ways. Yeah which we haven't talked about talk about them we're all did you go BECCA. I was in Louisiana and right before so we all were going to go and stay with my older sister and the day before we were all supposed to fly in my mom called called and told me that two of my nephews had the flu so we were all in panic crisis mode and so we booked AIRBNB last awesome it to host the all of us who are flying in coming into town so that we didn't get the flu so we'd go over there for like the day but just we're very wash my hands a ton was very like you know anal about it older than us. They're they're age range. It's ten an eight six and three. Wow and may be awful but yeah they're all ten and under but And then phoebe was an absolute nightmare flying like I still just the hairs on my neck stood up thinking about it was Horrible so she was like case so she was in a case like I took her out because she was crying in this shrill high high pitched tone that like I never I didn't even know she could do. And she was scratching really loud and I felt like everyone was like about to murder me so I took her out and then Shoe still was like anxiety panting the whole time so it was and it was a red eye oh it was like a one. AM It was awful. The poor people around you pour was bad in. I felt sad for her but also associate style that next time you fly with her. You should make little goodie bags for like the few people that you sit around so maybe like ten of them just like two people on fire three feel like the people that are around and give them a little bag that says like sorry. My dog is a stress Flyer. Here's some treats to get you buyers something like this topic's thanks little candies in there or something. I guess my thing was she was so annoying that a goody bag would not acknowledged that like you know she's ally college is before we even especially on the way back after knowing I was like I'm so sorry in advance. She's really horrible on flights and she was horrible but I had given her a little. CBD's so she was a little more common way back but still quite anxious. We both slept the whole entire higher next because I think we were both stress from it. Was Anybody get any sleep around you or were there any like. There was a span of silence. It was she. She stopped doing the barking but it was aggressive panting but I think if everyone had headphones on and stuff you know they were fine. Because I couldn't I'm really hear her and I didn't have headphones because the plane noise was so loud but it was bad so anyways we had a Weaken Louisiana easy. Anna was really fun family. Time always just grand old time good with your parents. I wanted to grandparents. I felt like awesome island in for three years. Like so be you. It was so beautiful like and you know it's funny. Everybody always told me because I was like I. I really WANNA go somewhere. That's just like so beautiful. What's a good place? Everybody said Bora Bora but you should wait. And gather on your honeymoon and I was like want to wait for a man to comment to my life and get married to experience the heaven that is me. Did you feel like it was a dream being there with your parents. Yeah like it's a dream. It's like paradise to wait for a honeymoon to go to paradise. I don't need to no you definitely don't but I I think it is definitely a romantic romantic because it's like twelve days long my parents. I don't love them with them for twelve days somewhere. I can't do it. I think I learnt Mice self that. I can't do nothing for twelve days. That's true I can't either. Yeah that was. I think the hardest thing for me so I was just doing a lot of Globes and like watching movies and things because you know it's like fun like watching rose things like a great but it was beautiful like and the weather I think I like really thrive in hot humid weather. I didn't put makeup on once the entire time and touch my hair wash can leave it wet let it dry like I was so island girl. It was crazy like worked out. We did I like worked out my dad every day. We went on hikes and runs and and paddle boarding and kayaking and stuff like that. That's sounds also. We're on a flight back on new years so I spent New Year's travelling travels travels a little bit of like. Oh yes and then I came back on the first and then I was like full back into like gloves. Prep and stuff. Well there you go when I was in Wisconsin for two weeks and It was kind of a cool thing so we got there and it was fifty degrees which is not common. This time of year in Wisconsin. It's usually about about five below so it was great so Christmas Day. We're like playing football in the yards of those really cool to be so warm. When we got there my daughter Brooklyn ten was very disappointed that it was so warm? 'cause she really wanted snow now So I said at Brooklyn. We're here for two weeks. You will see snow. I promise and my wife is like what are you doing. You cannot promise snow. You cannot predict these things. We have two weeks I I said. I'm not promising new snowman or sledding or anything but you will see snowflakes fall from the sky just like you can't do that as the first week goes on and it's very warm my brother-in-law's like okay. What are you doing promising? Your kids know. That's a huge mistake mother-in-law's like I can't believe prometheus no everyone's on my case about it. I'm getting a little nervous after a week. And we've got no snow. No but that Monday the thirtieth I guess it was. There was snow in the forecast tonight. They're going to see some snow and so hoping at this point because I was getting nervous and sure enough we were driving driving back from my brother-in-law's house and that's the snowflakes and headlights of the car. And we'll get outta the car and it was snowing and this could have backfired on me but the way it was all set up. And everyone's talking about it all week. It was like I personally delivered snow to my child because when it was snowing she looked at me with those big daddy. It's snowing you promise uh-huh so much power in the fact that you said it out loud and then we got so much snow that we were able to have snowball fights and do snow angels Hearing.

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