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In Orlando brings home three in the brewers lead a three to one a kick in the too strong. swinging. sweep the Cincinnati Reds they're just the game back of the St Louis cardinals. this is after hours with Amy Lawrence. don't look now but one division title still very much up for grabs incredible run extended yet another game by the Milwaukee Brewers now eighteen and to win their last twenty which includes that loss of Christian eligible goes back to the early weeks are the early days excuse me of September first week of September when they trailed in the second while when they trailed in the wild card standings by five games there are five games out of that second wild card in the National League and they overcame all of that deficit to lock up a playoff berth but we don't know if it's going to be a wild card or if it's going to be the NL central title so right now is you here with Jeff levering on the brewers radio network they are a game back of the cardinals who were idle over the weekend they will take on the cubs all right so rivals right there. gonna be pretty incredible to watch how this plays out meanwhile the brewers still trail the nationals by a game for the top wildcard we already know the nationals and brewers are in we know all the teams who are in on the senior circuit we just don't know who will skip ahead. Pasco collect two hundred dollars get bright head to the division series and who will play in host in that wild card game the nationals could be on the road they could be hosting the wild card it could be the cardinals it could be the brewers yeah we're not really shores so that's up in the air after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio you can find me on Twitter AOL radio what's the big games that the big game we have to be poor if I said games out what are the big games that you're looking forward to this weekend whether it be college football weather be Major League Baseball whether it be in the NFL will put a poll up pretty soon here on Twitter and on Facebook Facebook is obviously named after our show we hear something crazy. before I get to king Felix day. a friend of mine reached out to me with a Facebook message which is annoying in and of itself but he said something about you got hacked I got a message from you and and I thought it was your actual account then I realized it was your show Facebook page and I said no I don't use messenger from our show Facebook page which is after hours maybe large so we send me a screen grab it out and whoever's running the big get out is actually sending messages to my friends. right good to know and it was poor grammar service that I recognized it wasn't you after a minute. the guy or gal whoever's impersonating me row two or three messages pretending to be me. what I know that we have made it is that some sort of career milestone when I'm being impersonated. that is just ridiculous you do not want to be me it is boring as all get out and it's tiring this time of the year. plus I've had pneumonia from well in the cold for the last three weeks although I think I'm almost over to have not had any medicine on Thursday. so yeah out who's actually communicating with a friend of mine anyway so fantastic so our show Facebook page don't be duped by the impersonators the imitators it's after hours with Amy Lawrence I guess I need to clarify that. I think one time our former producer producer Tom looked it up and they were multiple fake Amy lords account on Facebook to people have nothing better to do with their time like is that the deal so either on Twitter or Facebook but make sure you have the right account it does have a blue check mark with both my Twitter and a Facebook page blue check mark make sure you spot it odd so anyway. well you can let us know which games your most looking forward to this weekend is certain to be an incredible we get in sports and it's just the set up to what we have coming in October so I I've just been telling family and friends I'm communicating with you now because I'm not likely to do a whole lot of communicating with you moving forward so I imagine you've got cubs and cardinals coming up this weekend so Saint Louis is hosting that three game series as the finale meanwhile the walkie birds are on the road at Colorado so we'll see how that plays out of three games left cardinals have a one game lead the after hours here on CBS sports radio I am a huge fan of of Felix Hernandez I remember the the one time I got to see him pitch in person at Yankee Stadium I was in row eleven it was special promotion that I was doing for charity for the V. foundation with my previous network and we auctioned off tickets to go to a Yankees mariners game and it just happened to be a Felix Hernandez start and I remember sitting in row eleven not that far off from home plate and listening to the ball pop in the catcher's Mitt when it when it would come off of the hand of of Felix Hernandez there was a time when I never missed a king Felix start I I love to watch him pitch I love competitive fire and I appreciate that he never wanted to leave Seattle though all I know Thursday he likely made his last to start in a mariners uniform. two zero one on line drive into the gap right center.

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