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Can't really show. Can we post you for a few weeks? I broke my hip. You did what? Did I. Mean This is straight finding time for. got. Thanks for clearing this up for us. I'm so I'm so much more comfortable with the situation around be dot net with your explanations really really. Glad End you know. The next thing I wanna get I is like here's how you work with a preview, and so I haven't got anything out. Look, clarify what we said here that we're not giving. We're not. We're not giving up on. V still part of the future. We know we have a lot of using it and we want to give them the option of coming to dot net core, and that is an oxygen. Tank, it may or may not be right for them. But we. And we want to embrace those people that had sharpen vivey shops and not make them translate. Their Levy APPs together dot net courses, one of our scenarios to support so. Rap I love it. Thank you Kathleen. It's great to talk to you always and Richard said. Thanks for clearing things up. It's a lot more sense now. We'll see you next time on dot net rocks..

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