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Recall movement, it's not going to change many minds more over and I think the most salient point is this that all of our efforts As conservatives as Republicans, as people who care about the rule of law and care about good governance should be focused on voting out and keeping out of power. The people who have failed Wisconsin and who have failed this country in every city across America. There have been riots for months now in Democrat controlled cities. Now we've got a presidential candidate, and Joe Biden, who, instead of calling for calm for largely his supporters. I would I would defy you to name me Cem. Rioters who are voting for Donald Trump, for goodness sakes. Now, apparently in a speech in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Biden is going to blame Trump for the rioting. So all of our effort needs to be stopping him stopping Democrats from getting any more control over things that they can quite literally destroy. We have a Herculean task. To deliver Wisconsin for Donald Trump and for the Republican Party again to save Wisconsin from the angry mob that wants Joe Biden to win. That is demanding that trump lose or else the implicit threat here. Is that if you don't vote for the guy that the mob wants you to, there will be more mob violence. The way to stand up for that is to focus all of your energy. Not on something that is destined to fail like a recall of Governor Evers, But in the immediate we have got two months. Literally a month in a couple of less than a month, less that we are less It's August 31st voting in Wisconsin starts in what one month from today. October 1st. So we have got one month to make the case before votes start being passed that the way to stop the mob the way to stand up to a liberal failure. And liberal tyranny of violence is to vote. The next election is right in front of us. Let's stop planning for an election that doesn't need toe happen when there's one in two months. That needs to be one. We'll be right back. The blue whale, the saltwater crocodile. Thie. African Bush elephant. Not all the largest things in nature are easy on the ears discover the one that is the great still Act Pipe Organ, the world's largest musical instrument, only battle array. Cameron's What will you discovered Monday's.

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