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From Miami Beach this Tuesday evening Super Bowl Week Recording this late in the evening I've got three guests for you this this week get breadth each Kansas City chiefs general manager. He's the man who did the most other than Andy Reid. Obviously who made the draft draft pick. But he's the man who did the most to bring Patrick Mahomes to the Kansas City chiefs. And I'll explain why he'll explain. Why in this podcast? We'll also have Matt Maiocco. Covers the San Francisco. Forty niners for NBC. Sports Bay area and I added this after listening. The Kyle Shanahan speak on Monday night media. Night I. It's about what the New England Patriots and San Francisco. Forty niners did did when the transaction of Jimmy Garoppolo of the quarterback from New England going to San Francisco for a second round draft choice. We're GONNA delve into that a little bit with Mayo an curren because I just found it a very very interesting story when Kyle Shanahan started talking about at this on Monday night at Marlins Park where they're holding media night but before we get into it I'm GonNa make my super bowl pick. I'm picking the chiefs to win thirty eighty to twenty eight when Mike Florio told me this week that the line was one and a half. I said okay. Kansas City twenty nine and a half San Francisco Twenty eight I think it's going to be a fairly high scoring game. I think that this is easily one of the toughest super bowls That there has been to pick in recent years and maybe ever because I think either team could win this game by fourteen points or more. I just think that especially if Jimmy Garoppolo which none of us know if Jimmy Garoppolo can rebound and be a big factor in this game. I think that San inference iskoe easily could score in the high twenties or thirties against Kansas City. Just a few reasons for For My pick now I do expect the Jimmy Garoppolo whose only thrown fourteen passes in the last six quarters. While basically they've run the forty niners have run seventy seven percent of the time in the last six quarters and that I'm not saying I I don't think that Kyle Shanahan is GonNa lean on Garoppolo here. It's just that I don't know what to expect Jimmy Garoppolo in this game. I don't know that anyone one could know what to expect that Jimmy Garoppolo because he's been invisible for the last game and a half essentially. I don't blame the San Francisco Forty niners over the last six quarters. They rushed for six point two yards per carry and like I said my columnist week in football morning in America. If you you can rush for six point two yards per carry. Wouldn't you keep running it and I think where I land on this for. Everybody says Amana petrified about Garoppolo. I would be concerned about it but I will also remember this or I'll remind you this the team that had the toughest three game stretch in the NFL. This year was the San Francisco Forty niners when they had green bay at home and then at Baltimore and at New Orleans and I just thought that far and away this was going to be the toughest three-game stretch anybody had so Garoppolo quarterback the niners in those three games. He won two of them mm-hmm. He completed seventy two percent of his throws in those three games. Seven touchdowns one interception ten point one yards per tempt that is an excellent stat in an excellent Thing for Kyle Shanahan to come back to if if anybody he any point You know in his in his fan base or even in his locker room would question. Now Jimmy Garoppolo I think Kyle Shanahan has all the evidence he needs to say. This guy is going to throw the ball early and often on Sunday and we think he'll be fine so at the end end of the day. You probably say okay. Well then why didn't you pick the forty niners and I didn't pick the forty niners because I believe that Patrick Mahomes is the best quarterback in football all at throwing the ball when pressured and obviously he's GonNa face the defensive front with the best ability to pressure the quarterback of any team even football however since Patrick mahomes entered the National Football League incense is let's let's take it since the beginning of the two two thousand eighteen season Patrick Mahomes when he has to throw the ball in two point. Five seconds or less he has the best most passer rating in football. He's the most efficient quarterback in football. Why do I say two point? Five seconds or less that essentially is the line line of demarcation. It's not an official stat. But basically if you get to the quarterback in two point five seconds you're doing a great great job in the San Francisco Forty niners in these playoffs. Incredibly EV- averaged getting to the quarterback getting to pardon me kirk cousins and Aaron Rogers. They they've gotten to to to those quarterbacks very very efficiently and often and the average time to throw in the first two playoff games those guys two point five seconds so they've done a very good job and they'll do a good job against Patrick Mahomes. The question is will mahomes is be able to make the plays off his regular Throwing schedule off platform so to speak. Will he be able to make enough of those plays. I believe that he will. So I like the chiefs narrowly but please I beg. You do not take that to the bank. I am. Perhaps the worst predictor in all of the news media when it comes to trying to pick big games. So Oh let's get to our conversations this week we're going to start with Brett. Vh the Kansas City chiefs. General Manager who I think has has done an excellent job in short short time you know either atop personnel or being the GM. He replaced John. Dorsey after Dorsey was dismissed. A couple a couple of years ago so I think that Brett V. has very good institutional knowledge of where exactly Patrick Mahomes came from with.

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