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Had a chaos are breaking up because of a difference in math so about Paraguay once they get that solved one after hello we are for your base ten instead of you know base fourteen was apparently is being used by Bernie Sanders and his mathematics equations on how things work out whatever it is they're all based on but Jim all right soon regarding upbeat booty judge has one of our fox anchors all of peg leg Pete the body pirate fan I would be a lot of would be an appropriate name it's the six fifty three not commenting on that traffic and weather all of the three is once again chocolate now I think I'll just back out yeah thank you very much you're going to call Johnson what is the body called yeah thank you I shop at eighty three at Middletown road state police are heading to an accident they're waiting for an update I'm seeing the exact impact yet but that we should be shortly with the fire department arriving J. affects forty First Street roadway conditions a little bit damp but for right now the roadway is open we see delays of course going into both Arbor tunnels beltway course reacting to the fog and the mist in very heavy traffic there are delays on the capital beltway still there even though most of the lanes are open big wreck earlier this morning on the outer loop near the area at the Mormon temple hi Chuck would echo what traffic and weather on the threes on talk radio six eighty WCBS WZZM weather channel forecast dense fog advisory in effect it's causing some delays Cecil county two hours of the late today due to heavy fog in queen Anne's county ninety minute delay no pre morning kindergarten.

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